Lisa Rinna Diet & Fitness Routine to Stay in Shape

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lisa rinna diet

We loved her in Days Of Our Lives and we love her in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Yes, she is none other than the gorgeous Lisa Rinna. So what if she is in her 50’s? She can give anyone a run for their money at any time of the day. It does not bother her one bit that the press attributes her body to eating disorders as she dismisses all such reports with a wave of her slender hands. No diets please for her, she says as she tends to eat more if she goes on a diet. Instead, she believes in eating in moderation and loves to workout. Read on if you want to know all about Lisa Rinna diet and fitness routine.

Lisa Rinna Diet

Lisa Rinna attributes her bikini body to her good genes and makes sure she does not ruin this gift with the wrong kind of diet. Therefore it is always good and healthy food for her like salads. She likes a vegan diet which does not include meat, poultry or dairy products but when she has that craving for meat, she digs in without thinking too much about it. However, moderation is the name of the game and she seldom deviates from it.

Lisa Rinna Fitness

Lisa Rinna Diet includes fruits, vegetables, salads, fresh juices and recipes that are cooked in very low oil. She does not have a dietitian or a trainer as she believes that her body tells her everything she needs to know. Listen to your body, she says, as the body has a unique way of letting it be known what is good for it and what isn’t. But more often than not, we tend to ignore the signs and indulge in fatty and sugary stuff.

Lisa Rinna photoshoot

Healthy foods make her feel good from the inside. And when you feel good on the inside, it shows on the outside too. Don’t we all agree with that!

Lisa Rinna Workout Routine

lisa rinna yoga

Lisa Rinna swears by her workout routine. Not a day goes by when she does not exercise as it is second nature to her. For her, working out is as essential as brushing her teeth or hair.

lisa rinna yoga

As a young woman, Lisa Rinna competed in lawn tennis tournaments. The discipline imbibed in those early days of her life has stayed on with her to this day.

lisa rinna yoga

She does not have a regular routine for workouts and has been known to trying various forms to keep her body in shape and stay healthy at the same time. She liked to play lawn tennis and of late has been found to dedicate herself to Yoga. She believes that Yoga suits her body like no other kind of workout can.

lisa rinna diet

She likes to hike. Especially when she is travelling, walking comes easy. She says she loves to walk and can do it for hours on end. She does not like to spend much time on the couch and keeps herself busy all through the day even if she is at home. This makes her feel active and happy.

lisa rinna diet

One of the most important things she says is to remain interested in your workout routine on a regular basis. The formula that works for her is to do different workouts so you are not bored. So if she does pilates one day she would take a spin class the next. Even dancing. What’s better than going out with your friends and dancing on a weekend! That’s real good advice, Lisa.

lisa rinna diet

Lisa Rinna does not believe in pressures. There are days when she is out on a shoot and unable to exercise due to lack of time. But it does not bother her too much. Do what you enjoy as workouts and be proud of what you have accomplished, she says. Way to go Lisa!

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