Secrets Of Lisa Haydon’s Flawlessly Toned Body

Lisa Haydon is well-known and one of the top India’s actresses and models. In one of her interviews, Lisa Haydon unveiled the secret that she has been putting herself in habit of exercising at the only age of 14. She also accepted the fact that the actual secret behind a perfect body is a healthy diet plan and yoga. Want to know the secrets behind Lisa Haydon diet? Lisa Haydon is a quiet foodie and she never compromises with her appetite. In this article, we will discuss all the secrets that are hidden behind Lisa Haydon Diet.

Lisa Haydon Workout Routine:

Lisa doesn’t like masculine figure, so she always tries to stick to some easy exercises.

lisa haydon diet

  1. Yoga Routine: Lisa Haydon didn’t really mention the Gym in her daily routine plan. She always supported and said about yoga and at the age of 18, she became a successful yoga teacher. Lisa in her interview said that she performs Ashtanga Yoga thrice a week. Yoga has many benefits. Yoga not only helps to keep the body in shape but also helps in maintaining a mental balance. Yoga is the only thing in this entire universe that keeps you fit from inside. Lisa also does quantum yoga.
  2. Swimming: Swimming a part of Lisa Haydon workout routine. She most probably goes out for swimming.
  3. Running: Lisa Haydon confesses “Running in morning may give you a good and fresh start”. Lisa wakes up at 5:00 in the morning. She believes that those hours of the day are the cleanest hours of the day.
  4. While at outing: Whenever Lisa Haydon is out for shooting or some work, she always carries her running shoes. In this situation, she does core exercises, plank and free hands stretching in her hotel room.

lisa haydon diet

Lisa Haydon Diet Routine:

Lisa’s physique makes everyone think that she follows a strict diet plan. But in reality, this is not a case. Her diet includes almost everything that she wants to eat. She believes that whatever she is eating should be of high quality. She is very foodie and does not starve herself to look sexy and svelte. Lisa Haydon parents are vegans and at home, they do not use dairy products or meat.

  • Lisa loves to take vegetables and fruits. This is an important part of Lisa Haydon Diet.
  • While on shooting her diet plan changes a bit, she prefers idli, dosa and sambar.
  • Another important part of her diet is one glass of Coconut water early in the morning.

The Liquid Diet: Haydon drinks a lot of water and keeps her body hydrated. She includes a complete glass of coconut water in her morning meal.

Lisa haydon fitness diet

According to the sources, Lisa Haydon went on a special diet to play her role in her film “Santa Banta Pvt Ltd”. Lisa Haydon diet to achieve a well-toned body includes only water. Shocked, but this is actually true. The actress only drank different juices and water to survive on them. She even enjoyed this diet to the fullest and did not complain about it. She even recommended the same to her co-stars and try them to try it at least once.

Lisa Haydon Shares her Fitness Mantras, Here is a list of few questions and the responses given by Lisa:

  1. What is your fitness philosophy?

I do not take special initiatives to train myself or to look thin. I enjoy being active. I believe that regular exercise helps you to gain the willpower and strong control over the mind.

  1. What do you enjoy the most about running?

It is the best time to plan your life. While running on a track I get a lot of clarity about many things. While running I play songs and this helps to boost up my mood and keeps me going.

  1. How do you de-stress?

I am passionate about running and yoga. If I have a busy schedule and have to leave my home. I pack a pair of running shoes with my stuff. Every hotel has treadmills. In morning I go for room exercises and running over treadmill.

  1. What is your regular diet?

I love sushi, pizza, cheese, chocolates and cheesecakes. I never apologise for whatever I eat. The only thing I include in my diet is the best product.

  1. What are the latest fitness fads that you have come across?

Pilates of the reformer.

Some fitness tips by Lisa Haydon:

  • Don’t ever skip your meal.
  • Try to consume short meals.
  • Pilates are the best way for to combine endurance training and stretching.
  • Build your stamina with cardio
  • Running should be an important part of your exercise.
  • Drink lots of water and always keep your body hydrated.