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Train at the Best Indoor Heated Swimming Pool in Noida

We have some great news for the Noida swimming enthusiasts, as we have new indoor swimming pools in Noida. Now season will not be a barrier to your water rendezvous, and you can hone your swimming skills throughout the year.

Fitso Seals brings to you, Noida’s best temperature-controlled swimming facility and training classes under India’s best swimming coaches, in an international standard, heated swimming pool with underwater video analysis of swim actions to improve your techniques.

These swimming pools in Noida provides facilities better at par or even better than pools at 5-star hotels – no tanning, top-class security with security cameras, free drinking water, locker rooms with shower, changing stations, and lockers – at fraction of price that these hotels charge, making it the best swimming classes in Noida.

Moreover, to add a cherry to the top, the pool has extended timing from 5-7 AM & 4-10 PM, so that your stringent schedule is never a hurdle in your passion.

Why should you swim in winters?

Indoor swimming pools in Noida

Swimming is one of the best exercises that gives a complete body workout, however, it is still not a popular workout regime in India, owing to its dependency on weather and climate.

Swimming in winters is great for your health. Do you know why?

The two best allies of a healthy body are workout and water, which the body gets deprived of in winters. In northern winters, while the cold temperatures restrict and discourage you from outdoor workouts like running and walking, you also tend to feel less thirsty as the body loses less water in perspiration, leading to lower metabolism, dryness and chapped lips.

Swimming in a temperature controlled pool helps you work out and burn calories while warming up your body and opening its pores. Swimming helps your body to perspire and make you feel thirsty, thus making you drink water to result in a more refreshed and more energetic you even in the winters.

If you look at it from the weight-loss perspective, swimming in warm water is far better than swimming in cold water.

Noida does not have many options when it comes to indoor and heated pools, and the options that are there are quite pricey owing to the low awareness, low demand and high maintenance.

Fitso Seals makes an attempt to bridge this gap by opening this swimming facility at LPS Global School, Sector 51, Noida and at Sapphire International School, Sector-70, Noida.

Why should you choose Fitso Seals Swimming pool in Noida?

Indoor swimming pools in Noida

  1. The best swimming facility
    Fitso Seals is the only five-star swimming pool in Noida, a 25 meter by 13 meters heated swimming pool that offers temperature controlled swimming.
  2. Unbelievably Low Price
    Owing to the passion for swimming, Fitso Seals have deliberately kept their membership charges comparable (perhaps even lesser) to the other non-heated pools in Noida and NCR, which makes it an ideal choice for the water lovers. The price for one-month access is as low as INR 1999.
  3. Easily AccessibleThese swimming pools are located at heart of Noida City. Both the pools are located to 15 mins drive from the nearest metro stations.
  4. India’s Best Swimming CoachesFitso Seals offers coaching facility for swimmers who want to take their swimming skills to the next level by highly experienced swimming coaches who have national and international swimming record and for the starters who want to achieve fitness through swimming.
  5. Flexible Membership Fitso Seals offer flexible membership for 1, 3, 6 and 12 months both with coaching and without coaching to suit your requirements and pockets for its swimming pool in Noida.
  6. Couples Only SlotThere is also one slot that is reserved only for the couples, so even a water date in winters is not a far-fetched idea!
  7. Extended TimingsThe pool is kept open from 5-7 AM & 4-10 PM, so you never have to miss your workout, owing to getting late with work.

So, never miss a workout in winters anymore, swim your way to fitness all year round, with Fitso Seals weatherproof, 5-star swimming and training facility,  in LPS Global School, Sector 51, Noida & Sapphire International School, Sector 70, Noida.

If you need any more details either comment or reach out to us at +918080202086.

Swimming is no more just a summer thing!!