Korean Diet Weight Lose

Simple Korean Diet Plans For Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered that why Koreans and Japanese are so slim and fit? We got to learn some important parameters of their life that helps them to stay healthy and slim. The traditional Korean diet plan that they follow consists of kimchi, rice, vegetable-rich soups and lots of roasted vegetables. Their beverage is usually tea, which has no calories. Tea and chilli are metabolic boosters meaning they keep them slim just by consuming them more often.

Korean diet plan for effective weight loss for Korean Girls

The quantities of their food and drinks are smaller as compared to other countries’ traditional food. Consuming less calories than you need consistently is the simplest way to lose weight. Let’s look at something different this time.  The Korean Diet does not put any restrictions on you. Because those restrictions don’t help you to lose weight. Restrictions just make it harder for you to follow a certain diet and way of living.

Banana Diet

Korean diet plan for effective weight loss is not about eating less

This is the simplest form of the diet. Anyone can accomplish this diet. It goes like this- you have one banana and water in the breakfast and nothing else. For lunch, you can have a supersized lunch keeping on low carbohydrate and sugar. For dinner, one can have their favorite meal just inline with the proportion of the day.

This diet works as it helps to cut out on an entire meal. Bananas are full of vitamins that your body need, primarily potassium. Further, as bananas are fiber rich, they help you remove toxin and give you a sense of satiety. If you want a follow a variation of this diet – Banana and Milk diet, check out here. Koreans love to eat fruits all day as snacks.

Eat vegetables

Korean diet plan for effective weight loss: Eat vegetable

Vegetables are very low in calories. One should substitute vegetables with junk foods. A lot of vegetables have a lot of carbohydrates too, but these types of carbohydrates unlike carbohydrates found in white rice and bread make you stay fuller for longer so you are actually less hungry.

Sweet Potato Diet

Korean diet plan for weight loss: Sweet Potato Diet

When we talk about sweet potato diet, it means consumption of sweet potato for each meal. To avoid making it a monotonous meal of the day, one can try different recipes from the internet. They are good for health and skin. Many Kpop idols such as Jung Hye Young or the members of Secret make sweet potatoes a crucial part of their diet.

Please note that potatoes have lot of cabs, so mix with lots of vegetable side dishes .

Sweet Potato, especially one served with the skin, come loaded with dietary fiber which helps in removing toxins and makes you feel “full”,which helps in dealing with calorie restriction.

Sweet potatoes is also good source of vitamin A. Their bright hue comes from beta-carotene, an orange pigment that your body converts to vitamin A. Sweet potatoes also offer vitamin C, which keeps your connective tissues, skin and hair strong.

Replacing high-calorie food with an alternative

It is difficult to fight with cravings, but we can find an appropriate substitute for our craving with low calorie in the supermarket.

Paper cup diet

Paper Cup Diet: Korean Diet Lose Weight

It is the most famous of the Korean diets. We are going to take three small sized cups and fill each cup with the following items. One cup with rice, one with vegetables or meat, and the third one with fruits. Try to make it simple and short and consume this three times a day.

Copenhagen Diet

korean diet lose weight

This diet is also known as Danish Hospital diet. This diet is all about high protein and low calories. Many people have reported to have lost a tremendous amount of weight. It is usually carried out for a period of 13 days.

Lemon detox diet:

korean diet lose weight

It is the best way to clean your body and eliminate toxins. One needs lemonade from fresh lemons without sugar. The ingredients: lemon, pure maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water. Six to twelve glasses a day.

If you looking for variation of this diet plan – Lemon Detox Diet – check out here.

Some additional tips that fall under Korean diet plan:

  • Control the number of calorie intake.
  • Watch your carbohydrate ingestion
  • Eat smaller portions and eat more often.
  • Avoid sugary drinks.
  • Try to eat foods that have specifications on the label.
Korean Diet lose weight
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The Korean diets are the best chance to lose weight. It is achieved best by adhering to the diet plan and continuing it with immense dedication. You can choose one of the above diet plans and stick to it until the goal is accomplished.