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Kickboxing: An Effective Way To Lose Weight And Feel Confident

Let’s explore how to practice kickboxing to lose weight? Kickboxing is a form of martial art in which the competitors wear boxing gloves and throw punches as in boxing and kick with their bare feet as in karate. People today are adapting to a new technique known as Cardio kickboxing, an effective way t lose weight. As the name suggests, it is a form of sport to lose weight. It is a fusion of aerobics, boxing and martial arts. The kickboxing provides full body workout and ameliorate flexibility, coordination and balance. The punches strengthen the upper body and the kicks strengthen legs.

boy kickboxing to lose weight

An effective way to lose weight

Kickboxing is an intensive exercise that helps burn more than 1000 calories in period of 60 minute. There are a number of kickboxing styles such as cardio kickboxing that specifically focuses on weight loss and, self-defense kick boxing.



Kickboxing aids in burning more calories than one ingests. It is effective in burning calories same as the other regular exercises do. It helps establish the calorie deficit one needs in order to lose weight. Kickboxing is an efficient exercise in building a great muscle mass. The studies have suggested that the more muscle mass needs more calories to perform every activity including the sleep. It also boosts our metabolism which helps in losing weight faster.


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Weight loss is successfully achieved through a dual approach that is a healthy diet and regular exercise. A high amount of calories is burnt through kickboxing in a short span of time. There is another advantage to kickboxing, it increases the concentration in the course as it is requires to perfect the punches and kicks; therefore, it is also referred as a mind workout.

girl kickboxing to lose weight

There are many advantages associating with kickboxing which makes it an amazing technique over any other techniques employed for losing weight. The cardio aspect of kickboxing is an effective way of burning stubborn belly fat that is mainly associating with increased risk of heart disease, obesity and other related diseases. It is also a great means to learn the skills of self-defense for women. Kickboxing is also good in releasing stress and aggression after a hard day at work instead of a cold beer. One sees a noticeable change in himself through this workout which boosts our confidence.