KFC Food Review: How Colonel Sander’s Sinful Chicken Can Help You Stay Fit?

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KFC India or Kentucky Fried Chicken is a non- vegetarian’s food heaven. Who doesn’t love biting into a crunchy, mouth-watering piece of finger-licking good chicken? Chicken in general, is considered a lean and healthy protein. When you’ve got a busy schedule, the temptation of wanting to eat chicken is at an all-time high, so you’re likely to opt for a fast food option. Unfortunately, if you’re on some sort of travel diet or fitness diet, you’ve probably been told to stay away from KFC India, but should you? Are there healthy choices that you can make while eating at KFC India?

The following are some of the best of KFC India’s tasty yet healthy menu items:

Sizzling Delights That Please the Waist Line and the Taste Buds

Fiery Grilled Chicken Breast

KFC Food Review: Fitness Travel Diet

This tasty temptation of white meat goodness is available in a serving size of 130g. It is coated in a spicy marinade and grilled over a fiery flame. At just 6g or 5% fat, it is one of the healthiest food options for the health conscious customer.

Fiery Grilled Chicken Rice Bowlz


KFC Food Review: Fitness Travel Diet


Designed to offer a complete meal in a single bowl, this exotic delight contains a piece of grilled chicken, flavourful rice, topped with gravy. Available in a serving size of 335g, it contains 4% percent fat or 16g.

 Veg. Strips

KFC Food Review: Fitness Travel Diet

These golden brown, crispy delights are filled with an assortment of mixed vegetables, served with a side of salsa. In a serving size of 151 grams or 3 veg strips, there is 9% fat, making it the perfect snack choice for to maintain your fitness diet.

Temptations that will cost you an extra Hour at the Gym!

KFC Paneer Zinger

KFC Food Review: Fitness Travel Diet

Although containing all vegetarian ingredients, this deep fried, crispy paneer patty is doused in spicy and sinful creamy mayonnaise sauce. At 15% fat, it is a temptation that every diet conscious diner must avoid.

Hot N Crispy Wings

KFC Food Review: Fitness Travel DietThis evil delight is KFC India’s fat bomb. A single serving of chicken wings (58g) contains a whopping 23% fat. The fat and deep fried batter is to blame for this flavour bullet!

 Boneless Strips 3 pieces

KFC Food Review: Fitness Travel DietThis menu item is one of the best boneless chicken KFC India. These tender and succulent strips of boneless chicken are as tasty as they are fattening. They are topped with a crispy, golden deep fried batter. At 12% fat, they are a temptation that is best avoided by the travel diet conscious consumer.

Food for Thought

The KFC India menu choices mentioned above are just some items that fitness diet and travel diet diners should be aware of. To make an even healthier choice, opt for burgers without mayonnaise. Skip the Coke, Sprite and Fanta as the added sugar in these carbonated drinks have a high caloric value. If you’re really sticking to your guns, avoid the fries as well as they are simply empty calories without any nutritional value.

The bottom line about eating healthy is that the food you eat should be ideally low in fat and sugar, high in nutritional value; both of which can be found at KFC India.