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Ketogenic Diet (KETO Diet)

The process of a Ketogenic Diet, popularly known as Keto diet, is for weight-loss at a faster rate. Reducing your carbohydrate intake and forcing your body to extract energy from the fats. That is as simple as an explanation you could read on the internet.

If you must know the details, here it goes.

Our body produces glucose and insulin from carbohydrates for energy. This is the primary source of energy. Depriving your body of carbohydrates forces the body to go into a state of ketosis, the process wherein the body produces ketones from the fat in the liver. This provides as an alternate for energy produced from carbs, hence resulting in immediate weight-loss.

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You should remember that this is not a long term solution but for a limited period of time, based on your needs and body comparability.

Advantages and Benefits of Ketogenic Diet

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There is more to the weight loss as compared to a usual weight loss diet. Your carbs are reduced to a bare minimum while your target to lose a certain amount of weight is met much earlier giving you the much encouragement and happiness.

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Meet your calories

In a Keto diet, you aren’t sacrificing your calories intake to lose weight, but merely substituting them. Your calories will remain the same therefore not affecting you bad as much as a calorie deficit would.

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Reduced Blood Sugar Level

Feeding on carbs for energy creates the formation of glucose and down the bloodstream. Hence, this elevates the blood sugar level increasing risk of heart conditions. A Ketogenic diet avoids that as carbs are limited to a minimum.

depositphotos_11028744_l-2015Reduced Blood Pressure

Reduced carbs result in low blood pressure. This helps in avoiding many diseases such as heart conditions, kidney failure and so on. The resistance levels rise with low risk of these diseases and help you live longer.

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Drops Cholesterol

HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein) is actually good as opposed to LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein). LDL carries the Cholesterol from the liver to the body whereas HDL does the opposite. This obviously reduces the risk of heart diseases. And Ketogenic diet does exactly that cause of the low carb plan.

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Triglycerides are fat molecules which come from sugars. Therefore, intake of carbs constitutes to a high level of triglycerides in the blood. Cutting down on the carb intake does help reduces these levels which are good for the body.

scaleWhy is it so popular?

Keto diet is a quick and efficient way to lose weight in a short span of time because the results are immediate. The waiting period for results could be as short as 10 days. In an age of immediate results, this proves to be the most important factor for people to consider the Keto diet.

Besides the fast results, other health benefits listed above are reasons enough to put this diet plan into consideration. Plus, you get to eat fatty foods as not all diet plans out there give you that freedom. The best foods are fats.

Here is a sample diet plan to show you how exactly the Ketogenic diet looks like and what the nutrient breakdown is.

This is the Keto diet that I follow myself. I have designed this diet plan based on my body type, requirements and what is available to me. Your plan will vary based on your body type and lifestyle.


4 boiled eggs
40 gm oatmeal


Spinach Carrot and Banana Milkshake with honey –
50-100 gm spinach
1 whole Carrot
400 ml double toned milk
2 medium size banana
2 tbsp honey.


250 gm pan seared chicken breast
Light salad


400 ml spiced buttermilk


4 boiled eggs
40 gm oatmeal

Green tea before sleeping