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Explore the Secrets to Have Body Like Katrina Kaif

While Katrina Kaif grooved to the beats of the catchy number ‘Kamli Kamli’ on the large 70 MM screen, the audience was left wonder struck. The agility with which she did the tricky dance moves even including some acrobats surprised all. The song due to its catchy beats and well-executed steps by the heroine managed to become a big hit and a major highlight in Dhoom 3.

Post this movie, Katrina Kaif’s new ‘Fit Body’ became a topic of discussion in the media as well as on the internet. How did she achieve such a well-toned body all of a sudden?

katrina kaif body

All may not be aware that Katrina wasn’t always in the super fit avatar as we see her now. A chubby looking Katrina made her cinematic debut in a largely forgotten movie called ‘Boom’ way back in 2003. While someone like Shilpa Shetty is endowed with an hour glass figure since a young age, Katrina Kaif belongs to the bracket of female actresses who worked very hard and with a lot of discipline and dedication to achieve their present looks and bodies.

To get a flat stomach for her ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ dance or an agile body for ‘Kamli’’ number she focused on functional training and pilates among others under expert guidance. She was regular with her cardio training for 45 minutes and pilates for an hour. She also relied on plyometrics and TRC which is meant to train runners. It helped her build control, flow, and concentration for performing necessary stunts and acrobats.

So, how do we achieve a Katrina Kaif body?

Katrina Kaif Workout Regime:

  • Yoga: She is a believer in the power of Yoga which gives her mental peace and a good physique.
  • Swimming: She is into swimming which helps her build her abs. According to grapevine, her ex-beau Salman Khan encouraged her to swim and cycle regularly of which he is a big fan too.
  • Jogging: She jogs daily and it is part of her warm-up exercise
  • Gym: She visits the gym at least thrice a week no matter how busy she is. Katrina does isoplank exercises to tone various parts of her body.

No matter what exercise you do, if you are careless with what you are eating, you cannot be achieving a Katrina Kaif body. So, all of you desirous of a Katrina Kaif Body in a month, take a look at her disciplined eating habits.

Katrina Kaif Diet Plan:

Katrina Kaif’s mantra for healthy eating is to consume fewer carbohydrates keeping in mind her workout regime which is not too intense unless she is preparing for a certain look. She avoids fried food but eats boiled food which is fat-free in moderation.

  • Early Morning: Katrina Kaif starts her day with 4 glasses of water to clear her system and to boost metabolism.
  • Breakfast: Cereals, Oatmeal, Pomegranate Juice, Egg Whites
  • Lunch: Pulses, Green Salad, Boiled Rice
  • Evening Snacks: Low-sugar protein Crushers and Dark Chocolates
  • Dinner: Vegetable Soup, Dal/ Boiled Vegetables/Roti without oil, Green Salad

Katrina Kaif makes sure to have dinner at least 2 hours before bedtime.

The workout and diet charts mentioned above are indicative, and we all must eat according to our lifestyle and body type. Katrina Kaif’s fitness level is high, and as such the trainers had to only modify her workout plan to achieve the current physique.  So, do understand your body type and customize your diet and exercise regime accordingly.

But the learning from Katrina Kaif is that regular exercise combined with right amount of physical activity is a must to have a fit body and mind. She advocates eating right food at the right time and in right quantities. As a fitness tip from her, avoid gluten, sugar and too much diary products. Have protein, fibre and good fats instead.

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Hope, all of you achieve your dream of having a Katrina Kaif Body. Good Luck!