Katrina Kaif SCMM Training

Katrina Kaif SCMM Preparation: Here Is All You Need To Know

katrina kaif scmm preparation

Katrina kaif as we know has one of the fittest body among all the famous actresses of the Bollywood. She has been working hard on her body. It has been 8 years now that she has been working out regularly without a day off. Every time she comes out with a new movie, there is a new look and charm to her body and appearance.

Katrina kaif scmm preparationKatrina kaif is running the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon. Yasmin Karachiwala is dedicatedly training her for this Marathon. If your degrading health does not motivate you enough, then one should certainly go through Katrina’s ongoing preparation for SCMM will definitely inspire you.

katrina kaif scmm preparationHer trainer Yasmin Karachiwala has disclosed her stern workout and fitness diet routine. Yasmin described her workout plan that she has scheduled for Marathon preparation. Training schedule depends on the number of kilometres you are going to run and whether you are a new or seasoned runner. These two factors determine the design of the training schedule.

For building her stamina and endurance, she has planned and designed her schedule in the form that combines her cardio workouts with ATS (Altitude Training System). It gives you a feeling of training in the mountain up to 15,000 feet above sea level, as it boosts oxygen-carrying red blood cells. She complements her ATS training with Pilates workout. Pilates are known for their core strength, trim tummies and a strong back. Pilates increase the efficiency of run and provides a better form while running. It also helps balance the body after the imbalances created by running. Overall, Pilates is the perfect exercise to complement running,” suggests Karachiwala.

She adds that Katrina regularly exercises and has seen a vast improvement in her body.  She is very committed to her training and has been building up a fantastic stamina and strength.  Yasmin says that Katrina is at her fittest at the present moment.  Katrina is fond of working on her legs and that is her favourite part.  We train differently for the various looks each role demands. The curtsy lunge is her favourite exercise. Her routine includes a lot of functional training combined with Pilates and an hour of cardio every day.  She said that actors are trained differently with respect to the various looks each role demands.

katrina kaif scmm preparationShe admires Katrina saying that Katrina is a strong girl and love to face challenges in her everyday life.  Katrina insists on Yasmin to work out with her as she does to make ascertain that she does the activity as proficiently as Yasmin does. She likes to include Plyometrics in her training because it intensifies strength and endurance. Yasmin states that her mind is her strongest asset and accomplishes whatever she decides to do. She is never shy because she thinks that it is nothing in this world that one cannot achieve.

Yasmin has planned her diet in such a way that her glycogen levels are up at the time of the marathon.  Speed, alertness and energy are the three key factors that help you race a marathon.  She has planned a diet full of nutrients, essential vitamins and minerals.  Katrina’s breakfast consists of oats and nuts, lunch includes fish and veggies and dinner is egg and soup.  She snacks on fruits, nuts and some healthy vegan protein snacks to satisfy her hunger pangs between her major meals.  The diva stays completely clear of sugary drinks, unhealthy carbohydrates, wheat, milk and alcohol.  She eats whole foods that are nutritious and keeps her lean and her skin glowing. Preserved packaged food is also something that she keeps away from.

katrina kaif scmm preparationYasmin has also suggested Katrina with 3-warm up and limber-down exercises to practice her pre and post run.  Warm up with walking for 5-7 minutes before you start running and after the run; it’s a must to stretch and hold each stretch for 1 minute. Pilates is great as a form of exercise as it realigns the body and keeps you injury free.

Few tips from Yasmin to the runners:

  • Keep your body hydrated right from waking up until the time to sleep.  Don’t wait until your body gives you the sign of thirst. Make use of water station as much as possible.
  • Load up on carbs a night prior to the run. This gives a boost to glycogen enabling you to improve your speed, energy and alertness.
  • Gradually pace up your run instead of start running at a high pace in the beginning. Warm yourself up and build your pace so that you can get until the end with constant energy.
  • Do not wear anything new on running day as everybody does that out of their excitement. Wear your daily running shoes which you can rely on up till the end of the event.

katrina kaif scmm preparationFunctional training is of great significance when you wish to keep your energy levels high and develop your stamina.  They not only important for sports training, but also for a healthy lifestyle.   As the name suggests, this method trains you to carry out your basic everyday functions like pushing, pulling, walking, running, etc, with greater proficiency, helping you further enhance your fitness even while perfuming basic day-to-day activities.