karan singh grover workout

Karan Singh Grover Workout, Diet and Tips

“Your body is the reflection of your lifestyle”

A healthy body is a synonym for a healthy life which one can achieve by the combination of a good workout as well as good diet. This is the mantra which is pursued by our heart-throb actor Karan Singh Grover who is well-known for playing the character of Dr. Arman Malik in the serial “Dil Mil Gaye” and recently in news for marrying with Bipasha Basu, a fitness icon.

‘Being fit and looking fit is the two side of a coin. A healthy body with a healthy mind is the strong weapon to win the battle of fitness said by Karan. If you really want to turn the girl’s head, then this article is just for you which reveals Karan Singh Grover’s workout diet and tips.

karan singh grover workout

Karan Singh Grover Body Bio:

  • Weight: 76 kg (167 lbs)
  • Height: 5’9″ (175 cm)
  • Chest: 44 inches
  • Biceps: 15 inches
  • Waist: 32 inches

Karan Singh Grover Workout Routine

I am Gymaholic

Yes, If I miss the Gym in the morning then I catch up it in the evening and the best part of Karan workout is the focus on various muscle and body part rather than the single one.

In reality, Karan hits the gym 5 times in a week which are divided into two parts:

  • Cardio Workout
  • Weight Training

Monday is the day for toning back muscles


We all love the V -shaped torsos of this hottie star which are wide at the top and narrow at the bottom and here are the top back muscles workout of Karan.

  • Pull Up and Chin Up
  • Lat Pull-Down
  • Deadlift
  • Bent over underhand barbell row
  • Front Squat
  • Seated cable Row W/S pause

Tuesday is the day for chest and shoulder smash


  • Warm up push up
  • Incline barbell Press
  • Incline dumbells press
  • Guiltiness
  • Bodyweight Dip for chest

Wednesday is the arms day

arms-workoutThursday is for Legs workout


  • Reverse lunge to step-up
  • 90-Degree Squat Jump
  • Around-the -World Lunges
  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Band Shuffle

Another healthy shade of Karan Workout:

I end my workout with lots of stretch and lots of sports activities like Swimming, B-boying and running.

“I am not crazy for six pack abs”

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone have been sources of inspiration for me at a very young age of 16 but I am not the guy who do and die for six pack abs. The purpose of Karan Singh Grover workout is to boost the energy and stamina level and rejuvenate body and mind.

karan singh grover workout

“The workout is like a ‘meditation’ for me.”

Karan says that workout gives me a sense of peace and relax. If you feel slouchy for rest of the day, it means your workout is not reaching their goals. A workout does mean for toning your outer body rather it will give your more confident, energized, feel awesome and relax at all levels.

Karan Singh Grover Diet Plan

Make the right choices for your food

Cool views of Karan about his diet is “Our body is machine and food are the fuel”. Choosing a right fuel at right time makes your body run successfully in the runway of life. You should know about your body needs and eat accordingly. How much carbohydrate, minerals, fats and protein you need to consume? All depends on your body need.


Mealtime is important one

Meal time play a huge role so eating every 2-3 hours is the only way to makes your BMR high and helps in energetic all the day.

Karan’s Diet Plans divided into 6 meals of the day

Morning: Karan starts his day with fresh fruit juices and oats. Protein is important for a body so he takes protein shakes after every workout in the morning or evening.

Mid-Morning: He enjoys his mid-morning with lots of fruits and egg white.

Lunch: Dal chapatis, veggies, salad and boiled chicken with brown rice are the food for his lunch.

Evening snacks: He takes lots of fresh fruits and protein shakes in his eve snacks.

Dinner: He loves to eat delicious food prepared by his mom in the dinner which consists of brown rice, papaya, dal and any gravy papaya. His dinner is same as lunch but the good part is that he doest not takes carb after 5:00 P.M.

karan singh grover workout

Karan’s mom is a trained dietician who takes care of all his diet requirement. Karan keeps his tongue away from outside junk foods in all six days but the weekend is the bonus days for him in which he gorges on junk food and satisfies his carving.

Wine is best

The cool and sexy actor drinks occasionally in parties. He prefers wine over the hard drink in a limited amount which is great for skin and health.

Smoking are poison

The guy is strongly against the smoking and believes that smoking results are terribly disastrous which destroy one’s life.

Some of my fitness tips to my Fans:
  • Listen to your body, mind, and soul.
  • Proper diet, proper sleep, and proper workout are the keys for the sculpted body.
  • Regular variation in your workout makes you away from boredom.
  • Junk food is the culprit for your health try to avoid them.
  • Plans your workout according to your body.

 Stay Happy, Stay Fitso