Justin Trudeau: The Fit Politician

Justin Trudeau. The name shouldn’t be unfamiliar to anyone who follows the internet and it’s never ending craze for the awesome people.

Justin Trudeau is just that. The Canadian PM, son the former Canada PM Pierre Trudeau, is undoubtedly the coolest politician in the world. Besides his radical governance approach and down to earth personality, Trudeau is one with the people. Trudeau has the same crazy interests and behaviour as any of us and he’s never shy about showing off his geeky side.

Justin Trudeau participating in the 2013 Army Run

And of course, most importantly, he is quite a fitness freak. Trudeau is best known for his skills in the boxing ring. Trudeau mentions the importance of being fit as any individual and not just as a public figure.

In an interview, Trudeau states that his main form of exercise is to run and has been boxing for nearly 20 years now.

Justin Trudeau vs Patrick Brazeau in a charity boxing match for cancer research Saturday, March 31, 2012, in Ottawa.

While being a member of parliament has earned him his fair share of limelight back in the day, Trudeau got the attention during a charity boxing match between him and Canadian Senator Patrick Brazeau, who he knocked out despite being at a weight disadvantage. Brazeau also had a history in the military and martial arts.



Trudeau running a 5k with the members of the Canadian Royal Navy.

Justin Trudeau and Mexico President Enrique Peña on a friendly run through the streets of Ottawa.

Trudeau and Mexican president Enrique Peña Nieto having a friendly jog along the streets of Ottawa in between the North American Leaders’ Summit.


In recent times, his popularity rocketed outside the Canadian state with his social media posts. Trudeau’s social media handle and photographers have done an impeccable job at not only winning him the election, but also gain popularity worldwide.

The craze started about with Trudeau recreating the Peacock (Mayurasana) Yoga pose done by his father.

The pose requires great core strength and overall physical strength and balance.

Also, Trudeau is a Yogi. Have we mentioned that? 

Two days back Trudeau was filmed kayaking down the Niagara River to commemorate World Environment Day.

The event was an attempt to creating awareness towards sustainable development and to protect the planet for the future generations. During the event he met many other participants and engaged with them.

Trudeau recently stated his disappointment after US pulled out the Paris Climate Deal saying it’s a collective responsibility to ‘Make our planet great again!’ He also reassured that Canada will continue to fight to protect the planet.

Besides governing a country, Trudeau sure does give a lot of importance to fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. There have been countless other encounters by citizens where Trudeau randomly springs up during his runs and other activities.

Keeping fit is no strange concept to politicians. In fact many politicians including former British PM David Cameron, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Tony Abbott.

Cameron jogs around the streets of London twice or thrice a week.

Hillary Clinton states she practices Yoga to keep herself fit while Obama plays quite a bit of basketball in his downtime.

Tony Abbott is said to ride his bike for a few kilometres every morning. He also surfs.

Narendra Modi, needless to say, is big time Yogi. He practices everyday without fail along with sessions of meditation.

This goes to show, you just need the will to stay fit and just work upon it. Don’t let the corporate busy lifestyle hold you back. Stay fit.