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Juices vs Smoothies: Which one is healthier?

Health is wealth and it is important or the people to consume healthy food. But, one cannot deny the taste of tongue that keeps lurking a person to eat or drink something tasty. So, here, the competition is between juices and smoothies. The present scenario talks about the health conscious race that works towards eating healthy. With numerous diseases coming into existence, people are becoming more and more conscious about their eating or drinking habits. Talking about the juices and smoothies, both have their own pros as well as cons. In fact, healthy foodies keep getting debatable on these matters because everyone has their own preferences.

Pros and Cons of Juices:

  • Pros:

Basically speaking, diet conscious people eat healthy and in lesser quantities. So, they always feel a need to cover up the meal gap. And in this regard, juices are said to be their first choice. Some prefer mixed one, others opt for pomegranate and a couple of health conscious people go for orange juice. In fact, it is a perfect thing for the health conscious race, who hates to eat fruits. Apart from this, the healthy juices have a lot of nutritional value than any other veggies. So, they are one of the most health conscious drinks recommended to people willing to stay in shape. Indeed, it is also included in the daily diet chart of people working out extensively in gyms because juices help them regain the lost energy. Finally, juices for weight loss have lot of vitamins and minerals required to maintain a healthy body.

  • Cons:

Though, healthy juices are considered as the perfect drink to fill-up the gap between two meals; but, the problem with them is that the extraction process takes out maximum amount of nutrients present in the fruit. All what remains is the fiber that leads to the missing of essential nutrients and have gut health benefits. Along with this, juices tend to have high sugar content that might spike up the blood sugar level and invite diabetes. Yet another thing to notice in juices is that they tend to be available packed with more carbohydrates than expected. And this could be troublesome in the long run. So, it is essential for the health conscious people to weigh pros and cons of juices before consuming it on daily basis.


Pros and Cons of Smoothies:

  • Pros:

Smoothies are manufactured by blending together whole foods like juices, veggies and grains. So, it is quite a healthy stuff to fill in the gaps between two meals. These days, the people are quite conscious about what they intake because the demand is more for nutrition than any other thing. And for this purpose, they even set the taste factor aside. Now that the healthy smoothies are intended to keep the high nutritional value intact because of the inclusion of fruits and veggies, it is a preferred choice for health conscious people. Since, they are used in a natural form and do not have to undergo any type of procedure. This is the reason that nutrition of smoothies for weight loss remains as they are and no fiber gets gathered. The nutritional stability of smoothies is what can make them an ideal legit meal replacement or post-workout retrieval drink.

  • Cons:

Considering the cons factor, the smoothies manufactured with fruits or veggies only; so, it might happen that a person consumes more of the produce than a body requires or is adaptable to. Though, it sounds good; but, the problem here is that one tends to gulp around more calories adding to weight gain. Obviously, no health conscious person would want that. And there is quite a possibility that the person might not be able to burn the amount of calories consumed. Of course, no one wants to get entangled into the trap of consuming calories than they are able to manage. Along with this, excess of everything is considered bad. With sugar levels present in the smoothies, having them on daily basis may aggravate blood sugar levels in the body that might turn out to be a dangerous aftermath of having smoothies for weight loss.

So, in the race of identifying as to which one is healthier – smoothies or juices; both of them have their own betterments. By weighing them on the health scale, smoothies happen to win over juices because of the nutritional values it has. Healthy smoothies are normally has lower amount of calories; but, as they are an equally thick drink, smoothies tend to quite a filling choice. This puts them in the category of excellent quality calorie bursting diet choice.

With them, a person gets complete dosage of vitamins as well as minerals in one go. So, the person is not required to worry about the daily nutritional requirements. Along with this, such smoothies are crated to fight off free radicals in the body because they contain antioxidants. These antioxidants will aid in guarding the person against heart disease, cancer and even slow down the ageing process. Now, this can be a wonderful choice for women, who always wants to look younger than their counterparts or other women known to them.

Apart from the smoothies, healthy juices are said to have excellent taste level and a thirst buster in summer weather. Mixed with a bit of ice, it is quite a wonderful thing in scorching heat. Healthy juices are a wonderful method to stay hydrated during the day, whereas relishing an increase of vitamins and other significant nutrients. The vitamins and minerals instituted in freshly created fruit juices act as reagents to the enzymes that channelize the energy in the body.

Every kind of chemical reaction inside the body necessitates enzymes and, shorn of the vitamins and minerals eaten, the general health would be in trouble. Another good thing about the juices is that they can offer even more vitamins as well as minerals that a person would get from consuming the vegetables and fruits as a complete diet.