John Abraham Workout and Diet Plan

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john abraham workout and diet

Can a man lift a car? We don’t know about man but we do know that John Abraham can. Yes, that particular scene in John Abraham latest Force 2 saw him do just that and no, it was not a doctored scene. So how does John do it? Like, how does he look so HOT and stay so cool? What is the secret of John Abraham Workout and Diet? Let’s take a sneak peek.

john abraham workout

John Abraham Workout Plan

John Abraham has a rigorous workout schedule where he aims to expend as much as 4000 to 5000 Calories in a single day. He works at a group of muscles on each day of the week, combining a large muscle with a small muscle. For example, he groups workouts for shoulders and biceps in one day and schedules the workouts for triceps and chest the next day. He works on his legs twice a week and does a host of exercise routines.

 john abraham workout and diet

  • Shoulders and Biceps: Overhead presses, Seated military presses, Dumbbells lateral, Alternate dumbbells, Hammers, Standing barbell press
  • Chest and Triceps: Bench press (inclined and declined), Dumbbell fly (inclined and declined), Cable flies, triceps push down, dips
  • Legs: Leg press, squats, extensions, leg curl, hack squats.
  • Back and Abs: Bend over barbell row, pull up, shrugs, crunches and leg raises
  • Cardio: Treadmill Running, bicycling, abdominal workout, crunches and lunges

After the intense session of lifting weights, John Abraham workout finishes every day with a short cardio exercise for up to half an hour to optimise the effects of the endurance training on his body. Sunday is the rest day.

John Abraham Diet

Workouts cannot alone make John Abraham look like the way he does. Diet plays an equally important role in shaping and sculpting his body. John Abraham diet includes high protein and carbohydrate intake. According to sources, John Abraham takes about 200 gms of protein on a daily basis.

john abraham workout

  • Protein: Egg whites, fish and low-calorie chicken
  • Before workout: John takes 4 egg whites, 1 sweet potato and a fruit such as an apple for breakfast. He likes to drink green tea as it helps to boost the metabolism.
  • After workout: He takes in 6-7 egg whites with a protein shake.
  • For lunch: John takes an extremely balanced meal that consists of steamed fish, sprouts, vegetables, salad, yogurt and fruits like the papaya.
  • For snack: John takes 4-5 egg whites, potatoes and citrus fruits like orange, grapefruit or sweet lime.
  • Dinner: John eats a very light meal that consists of rotis made from jowar or bajra.

john abraham workout

While John Abraham diet includes a high amount of protein and carbohydrates, he abstains from the latter after the sun sets and always finishes dinner before the clock chimes 9 at night. Apart from the diet, John Abraham takes multivitamins and supplements for essential oils and fats that the body requires maintaining a healthy balance.

“Healthy life is like a tripod – good food, good sleep and a good workout routine.

Sticking to this strict workout schedule and diet menu is no easy task but John Abraham is as dedicated as they come. Being a fitness freak, John ensures that he works for at least 6 days in a week and tries to not miss out on his workout schedule even when he is shooting for films.

john abraham workout

With such dedication to his body and career which includes several hits like Dhoom, there is no doubt that John Abraham is a FORCE to reckon with.