jaundice diet plan

Jaundice To No-Jaundice: The Appropriate Dietary Approach

When a colour as bright and beautiful as yellow substitutes the pink glowing colour of the skin, It is no more beautiful. Yellow pallor instead becomes a state of alarm- JAUNDICE!

Jaundice; not an illness in itself, but a medical condition in which too much bilirubin, a compound produced by the breakdown of haemoglobin from red blood cells, is circulated in the blood. The excess bilirubin causes the skin, eyes, and mucus membranes in the mouth to give a yellowish tint. Because bilirubin is processed by the liver, the symptoms of jaundice may indicate damage to the liver. If the cause is not identified and treated, it can lead to liver failure.

jaundice diet

Certain foods are known to alleviate the symptoms and help improve liver functioning. The following are some natural foods that are effective and should be part of your Jaundice diet.

  • Tomato juice: One glass of tomato juice, mixed with a pinch of salt and pepper, taken on empty stomach in the morning is a very effective home cure for jaundice.
  • Radish leaves: Radish leaves contain compounds which induces appetite and regularises the bowel movements. Take some radish leaves and extract juice from it, with the help of a sieve. Drink about half a litre of the extracted juice daily, in about ten days the patient should get relief from the disease.
  • Papaya leaves: Add one tablespoon of honey to one teaspoon of papaya leaves paste. Eat this regularly for about one or two weeks. This is a very effective home cure for jaundice.
  • Sugarcane: The properties in sugarcane helps in proper digestion and proper liver functioning, thereby helping the patient to recover quickly from jaundice. Take a glass of sugarcane juice and add some lime juice to this. Drink this juice twice daily for better results. Ensure to clean sugarcane properly before extracting juice from it.

jaundice diet

  • Basil leaves: Take about 10-15 basil leaves and make a paste of it. Add half a glass of freshly prepared radish juice to it. Drink this daily for about two to three weeks for better results.
  • Lemon: The anti-inflammatory property in lemon helps in treating jaundice. Lemon also unblocks the bile ducts, thereby making it the most effective home remedy for jaundice. Squeeze the juice of 2  lemons and add it to a glass of water. Drink this minimum thrice a day, as it protects the liver cells from damage.
  • Almonds: Take about 8 kernels of almonds, two dates and five cardamoms and soak them in water. Leave it overnight. In the morning, remove the skins and make a paste of it. Add some sugar and butter. Take this mixture several times a day.
  • Turmeric: Take a glass of warm water and add a pinch of turmeric to it. Mix well and drink this three or four times a day.
  • Beetroot and lemon: Take one cup of beetroot juice and mix with equal quantity of lemon juice and drink this regularly for a few days for effective results.
  • Buttermilk: Take buttermilk and add roasted alum and add some black pepper and mix well and drink at least thrice a day for better results.
  • Banana: Crush ripe banana and add some honey and take this at least twice a day for better results.
  • Carrot juice: Make fresh carrot juice and drink several times a day for effective cure of jaundice and it can be included in the diet also.

jaundice diet

Foods To Avoid During Jaundice Diet:

  • Avoid spicy, fried foods, junk and carbohydrate rich foods as liver needs to produce more bile to digest these foods and that may aggravate the condition.
  • Avoid alcohol, coffee and tea, unpasteurized milk and drink boiled water.
  • Meat and meat products especially red meat should be restricted.
  • Oily food must be strictly avoided when you have jaundice. When your liver is weak, it does not have the capacity to digest oily foods.

However, just avoiding fatty foods is not enough. You also need to eat the right kind of foods to cure jaundice. The best foods to cure jaundice are those that detoxify the liver. These detox foods help to rejuvenate the liver cells and get rid of the infection.

jaundice diet

Other Dietary Recommendations:

Though the fat intake is decreased due to impaired bile secretion, moderate amount of fats is still required for proper functioning. Medium chain triglycerides present in Coconut oil and butter, and emulsified fat, such as fat from milk should be used for cooking as they do not undergo digestion. They do not put a burden on liver and are directly absorbed by our body.

  • Increase intake of foods rich in calcium and other minerals like iron and
  • Vegetables and fruits should be taken in raw or steamed form.
  • Bitter gourd and drumsticks are very beneficial for jaundice patients.
  • Adequate rest and moderate exercise are very beneficial in treatment of Jaundice.
  • Digestive disturbances must be avoided.
  • No food with a tendency to ferment or putrefy in the lower intestines like pulses and legumes should be included in the diet.
  • Drinking a lot of water with lemon juice will protect the damaged liver cells.
  • All fats like clarified butter, butter, cream and oils must be avoided.
  • A light carbohydrate diet, with exclusion of fats, best obtained from vegetables and fruits should be taken.

sample jaundice diet plan

Sample Jaundice Diet Plan:

The most important aspect of jaundice treatment is the right diet. The right food to cure jaundice can help you get better much quicker. A sample Jaundice diet for all of you:

Early Morning: A glass of lukewarm water with half a lemon squeezed in it.

BreakfastOne fresh juicy fruit such as apple, pear or papaya. One bowl sweet dalia using skimmed milk or one slice of whole wheat bread with a little butter, and 5 kernels of almonds.

Mid-morningLemon/ carrot juice / coconut water/ sugarcane juice.

LunchVegetable cooked in little butter or coconut oil, half bowl pulse, 2 Rotis or a bowl of rice and buttermilk.

Mid-afternoon: Caramel custard

EveningAny juice and sprouted Dal chaat (can be made by putting and mixing in chopped cucumber, tomatoes, boiled potatoes, apple, capsicum with a tangy flavour of lemon juice).

Dinner: Vegetable soup with sauteed vegetables in little butter and a toast.

Bed Time: A glass of hot skimmed milk with honey (if desired) or a savouring glass of hot chocolate.

The jaundice patient can overcome the condition quite easily with the above regime and build up his sick liver until it functions normally once again and the bilirubin levels are in check with the body parameters. A recurrence of liver trouble can be prevented with reasonable care in the diet and lifestyle, with regular, moderate exercise and frequent exposure to sunshine, fresh air and adequate rest.