Ironman Milind Soman is Now Ultraman

Milind Soman, the poster boy of Indian fitness is now Ultraman. He completed with his training partner Abhishek Mishra. 3 more Indian completed this year at Florida – Kaustubh Radkar, Prithviraj Patil and Manmadh Rebba. Last year, Arunaabh Shah finished Ultraman Man Australia, becoming first Indian male to complete Ultraman.

Ultraman is only for serious athletes. According to team of Florida State University, Ultraman can lead to large reductions in body fat, but also causes temporary muscle damage and potentially insulin resistance.

Finishing Moments of Milind Soman

The second day proved why he deserves to be Ironman and Ultraman. Despite both tyres getting punctured, 10 km swimming and 148 km cycling day before, hot afternoon, treacherous rain in evening and headwinds, Milind finished with 5 seconds to spare.

His crew members said – “This is the fight to be called Ultraman after all, so inclines kicked in after the 233 km mark making the end the toughest. But with resolute, undeterred focus and immense reserves of strength, both Abhibhek Mishra and Milind Soman powered through. Abhishek completed with five minutes to spare while Milind Soman with 5 seconds. It shows what the human spirit is capable of once we step outside our comfort zone.

About Ultraman

Ultraman Florida Milind Somand
Ultraman Florida 2016

Till 1983, there was only one Ultraman – the classic World Championship event held in the three days after Thanksgiving in Kona, Hawaii. Now, there is a growing list of sanctioned qualifying Ultraman events around the planet with very different courses – each with their unique challenges.

Ultraman FLorida presents unique challenges.

  • The Swim – 6.2 Miles: The 6.2 mile (10.0 km), 1 loop swim is in the warm, fresh water lakes of the Conway Chain. The water temperature is around 65 degrees Fahrenheit this time of the year. The swim course are closed 6 hours after the start of Stage 1.
  • Bike Course – Stage 1 & 2  – 263 Miles:  Stage 1 follows the swim and consists of a 91 miles bike ride. The 172 mile Stage 2 starts from Cocoa, Florida and heads through scenic towns of Christma, Sanford, Mount Dora and through the “Gems of the Hills” of Clermont, where world-class triathletes have made it their home.

  • The Run – 52.4 Miles: The double-marathon starts from South Lake Trail in Clermont, FL and ends in the beautiful town of Windermere, Florida, known for its beautiful lakes and canopy of ancient oak trees.

Event Timelines 

Ultraman Florida Milind Soman

February 17 – 19, 2017


  • Tuesday February 14 – Bike Inspections
  • Wednesday February 15 – Bike Inspections & Athlete Check-In
  • Thursday February 16– Pre-race Athlete Briefing
  • Friday February 17 – Day 1 (6.2 mile swim, 92 mile bike)
  • Saturday February 18 – Day 2 (171 mile bike)
  • Sunday February 19 – Day 3 (52.4 mile run)
  • Monday February 20 – Post-race Awards

Ultraman Florida Milind Soman

Ultraman Florida Milind Soman

Ultraman Florida Milind Soman

Ultraman Florida Milind Soman