Fitso Introduces New Normal for Sports – ‘No Touch – No Spread’ Sessions

It is known that the last few months have been marred with unprecedented situations affecting normalcy for each one of us. Pandemic-related lockdowns and social distancing requirements have severely affected the sports and recreation industry.

Since the pandemic is here to stay for some time, many businesses, especially Fitso, will be adapting to the ‘New Normal’. While people adjust to the changes brought about by the COVID outbreak, it is upon the sports and recreation industry to rise up to the challenge and bring sports back as safely as possible.

Fitso is the largest sports company in India, which in the past 5 years of its existence has served more than 1 lakh user. We have consistently brought innovations to our customers with a deep focus on building superior customer experience. We are proud to have conducted more than 50 lakh sports sessions with one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings known or seen across industries. We will continue to work with the same rigor, passion, and dedication toward our members. 

While the entire nation was under lockdown, here is a rundown of what we did to come back stronger than before:

  1. We have been able to retain most of our staff in these challenging times so that we are able to turn around and resume the services in a quicker time
  2. While the global fitness enrolments number are dwindling, we have added more than 1000 new members to the Fitso family 
  3. We have been closely following the safety guidelines issued by the likes of WHO, SAI (Sports Authority of India) and other similar bodies to ensure a 100% safe playing environment to all our users
  4. Fitso assuming its leadership position is ready to demonstrate and set new benchmarks for other institutions/ academies and centers and help them to resuscitate the sporting ecosystem 

How can Fitso bring the ‘New Normal’ for Sports?

  1. Fitso being one of the largest organized players in the ‘sports industry’ will leverage its power and vast experience of managing end-to-end facilities and customer-facing operations in the immediate future
  2. Fitso management has been working closely with the facility administration and local authorities to bring the safest experience in the quickest possible time  
  3. We are committed and ready to deliver the safest and most hygienic playing environment to all its members across age groups and locations
  4. Fitso operations are entirely led and managed by its in-house staff (not outsourced), which will help us achieve our target and desired level of safety, cleanliness, and sanitation across facilities

As a part of the ‘No touch No spread’ initiative, we are working towards eliminating all unnecessary touchpoints right from the entry at the facility to the member’s exit post the session. Here are some of the changes that will be put in place across all our facilities after the lockdown is lifted from the public sports centers, complexes, and arenas:

Before we sign off, we would like to reinforce the importance of taking care of yourself and your family. You are an indispensable part of Fitso. We will fight together and see the end of this.  

We are ready whenever you are 🙂