Why Prefer a Personal Coach Over a Virtual One

Standing in front of the mirror, you wonder why your fitness plans fail so miserably. Why do they keep you sleepy all day and sleepless through nights. Why instability is overpowering your fervor. You start doubting yourself, losing confidence or start forcing yourself beyond limits. This is what lack of guidance from a Personal Coach may do to you.


Why would anyone need a Personal Coach?

Fitso says, try doubting your plan instead.

Today we have calorie counters and pre-formulated plans common for millions of different bodies. Infinite muscle strands in you, each one having a different DNA than the person sitting next to you. Treating them with an artificial intelligence might not be the best idea after all. Thus, the statement which is in recent trends, ‘Most of these apps don’t work’

  • Calorie counters: Do you know that certain medications may result in gain or loss of weight due to hormonal imbalance, or that certain foods store fat by release of hormones like insulin? In short, calories aren’t the same as you think. At the end of the day, you aren’t paid the same as you calculated.


Alternate TextThe impediment: Many have said and more have felt, ‘to do’ is a myth, ‘want to do’ gives the result. Workouts are often a drag, and an A.I. is never capable enough to be your motivation. Leaving your plans in the midst prevent you from taking up the task again

The best workout: It is neither the one suggested by your mobile application, nor the one you googled considering your shape in mind. Fitso experts say, ‘It is the one you actually do’. Your towering fitness plans, if not well-executed, result in self-blame. But once in a while, consider the term ‘poorly designed weight-loss system.

 Finally,  Moral Licensing: Impeccably advertised Sauna Belts and multi-vitamins act as a puppeteer to your morals. Studies have shown that people believing in these are highly prone to be unfaithful to their plans.


Virtual vs Personal Coach

A.I. is evidently not good enough for you. So, should you go for a personal coach? Absolutely! And here’s why:

Personal coach and trainee

  1. Personalised in true sense: Personal Coach will give you fresh perspectives & relevant ideas on health, nutrition, and fitness selected just for you. Also, techniques, recommended for your metabolism.
  2. Motivation: Motivation builds-up in many ways. Accountability to personal coach who is watching over you consistently in itself is a great motivation. You receive a constant feedback and non-judgmental support.
  3. Injury prevention
  4. Minimizing your time investment
  5. Relationship building: Your day’s best spent time could be with your trainer.

Fitso - Your personal coach
But what’s the use if the muscles you gain equal the weight your pockets lose? When personal coach cost around ten thousand bucks a week, you have nothing to choose from but your local gym, fitness apps or even dropping the fitness idea. We, at Fitso have gone through heaven and hell to hire the best personal coach for fitness, nutrition and running . At `125/week you get a certified personal coach. Worth a try, isn’t it?


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