Hyderabad swimming

Hyderabad members update

Dear Members,

Hope you are doing well and are planning to resume your membership soon.

As promised in our last communication, we will be crediting the final 15-day extension for all inactive members by midnight today (15th September). This extension will ensure zero loss of membership days till the end of September. In case you missed our last update on 11th September regarding the discontinuation of extensions for Hyderabad members, please refer to this link: https://www.getfitso.com/blog/swim-again-hyderabad/

Members less than 10 years and who are unable to attend sessions at our pools will be eligible for future extensions until notified explicitly. Members who are 10 years and above can resume their membership at the Fitso centers.

Needless to say, in case there is any apprehension or query regarding your current membership status, please raise a support request from your Fitso app. Our support team will reach out and help you with your query.

Hope to see you soon at the pool 🙂

Team Fitso