Hyderabad Chapter: How Swimming Can Be a Part of Your Daily Routine?

Swimming is by far one of the best physical activities out there. Just a good 30 minutes of swimming daily can build up your cardiovascular fitness and endurance, tone up your muscles and keep you generally happy and healthy.  Minus the impact stress of activities such as jumping rope, tennis, badminton, step aerobic classes and more, of course. 

It is the best way to keep impact-related injuries out of your life, protect your knees and joints and still be as fit as India’s Iron Man Milind Soman, who by the way, was a national swimming champion at just the age of 9!

Given the amazing physiological and psychological benefits of swimming, it is given that we’d all like to learn swimming in Hyderabad and try to incorporate swimming for fitness into our daily lives, within budget and time constraints of course. And there are three tricks to this –

  1. Find a swimming pool near you, that is close to your home or place of work. This way, you do not have to worry about transport, traffic and commute time. Make it as easy as possible for yourself to squeeze in that half an hour daily, right before or after work, or even during lunch hour. The easier you make it for yourself, the higher your compliance will be. Swimming post school or work is also a great way to de-stress and unwind.
  2. Get talking with your close friends and form a group of sorts. Choose between indoor and outdoor swimming pools, negotiate as a group and get yourself some discounts. Not only does this work out cheaper, but it also improves your compliance as friends call each other, push each other and keep each other accountable. (Check out for this link for amazing discounts on Fitso Swimming Plans)
  3. Internalize the reasons why swimming is the way forward for you. Only when you convince yourself will you fall in love with it. Only when you love it will you look forward to it every single day. So much so, that even missing a single day will feel unacceptable. Make time for your health. Doctors and medicines are rarely preventive and proactive!

If you are struggling to find swimming coaching near you, or are just on the lookout for great indoor and outdoor pools in your neighbourhood, we at Fitso would like to introduce you to these four.

Dolphin Outdoor Pool, Gachibowli

For anyone staying or working in and around Gachibowli, this is a fantastic, all-weather, outdoor swimming pool. Since the timings are from 6AM to 9PM, you can easily get a swim in before school or after work.

(Image: Fitso’s Outdoor Swimming Pool at Dolphin Pool in Gachibowli is an amazing place to swim and workout, especially to beat the heat)




Pearl Indoor Swimming Pool, Madhapur

This CCTV-secured indoor swimming pool is heated, making it a great swimming pool even for little kids. Certified instructors are available for swimming coaching. If you live anywhere between Kondapur to Banjara Hills, this is a very convenient pool location for you.

(Image: Temperature Controlled Indoor Swimming Pool maintained by Fitso at VIP Hills, Madhapur, Hyderabad. The location makes it perfect for employees staying at Madhapur and Hitech City)



Fit For Life, Secunderabad

Located in Vahini Nagar, Karkhana, the Fit for Life heated indoor swimming pool is great for anyone living within the Begumpet to Secunderabad areas. This temperature-controlled pool will impress you with its modern and hi-tech infrastructure, not to mention the availability of both male and female swimming coaches.

(Image: Indoor Swimming Pool with Temperature Control maintained by Fitso at Fit for Life Pool in Kharkhana has been a viable option for all ages from near by areas to swim)


Play Time Swimming Pool, Kondapur

This hi-tech temperature-controlled swimming pool is at an easy distance from Gachibowli, Masjid Banda and of course, from anywhere in and around Kondapur. The pool offers premium facilities such as QR code entry authorization, lifeguards and more.

(Image: Family Friendly Indoor Swimming Pool at Raja Rajeshwara Nagar, Kondapur, Hyderabad is an ideal place to go swimming with your family.)



All in all, Fitso makes it extremely easy to find a Swimming pool near you. Additionally, Fitso provides swimming coaching for adults and kids by certified coaches, keeps the area safe and secure, to ensure you integrate swimming into your daily fitness routines.


About FitsoFounded by IIT-Delhi Alumni, FITSO is India’s largest sports discovery platform. On FITSO apps, you can search for a sports facility near you, book your slot and just go and play your favourite sport! FITSO currently maintains the largest inventory of premium temperature controlled swimming pools, indoor Badminton courts, Tennis courts, Cricket grounds, TT tables, Basketball courts, Squash arenas and access to 8+ sports in 5+ cities across India.

Content Credits: Sayali Bedekar Patil