Huma Quereshi Weightloss Success Story

Huma Qureshi – The Perfect Example of How to Keep Your Curves and Lose Weight

Bollywood has seen its actresses transform to define beauty. Many stars have chosen to go from fat to fit including  Aliya Bhatt, Parineeti Chopra, Sonakshi Sinha and even actors like Arjun Kapoor and the latest among them is Huma Qureshi.

Bold and beautiful Huma broke the stereotypical concept of skinny actresses flaunting her curves beautifully and confidently. The Gangs of Wassepur fame has always been comfortable in her skin and has also inspired thousands of women to embrace their curves. The actress was quoted saying,” I will never be apologetic about how I look.” She encouraged the curvy slot not to be intimidated by their curves and to believe that skinny is not the only kind of “beautiful.” Now, the actress has taken her game ahead by setting an example with a healthy weight loss, keeping her sexy curves intact.

New goal, new lifestyle, new food habits

Huma Quereshi Weightloss Success Story

Huma believes fitness is a process and not a one-time thing. Therefore her weight loss regimen was drafted combining proper training along with a healthy, nutritious diet and also good health care so that it can be followed throughout the year. There are no drastic changes made to her food habits; rather it was only altered to fit her nutritional requirements in required quantities. She does not believe in depriving her body of any requirement or starving herself to look a particular way. That could be the reason why her fitness secret looks different from the ones we might find on the web.

Huma Quereshi Weightloss Success Story

The actress had started training last year. Instead of sticking to just one activity, she goes with a mix of activities likes yoga, pilates, hula hooping, squats, lunges, splits, etc., each of which helps her with various aspects of fitness training. Also many times people go on strenuous exercises, pushing their body to do more than what they can.  However, Huma proves that the right way to workout is to know what your body needs and where you need to concentrate on making yourself fitter and healthier or even curvaceous.

She starts her day with half an hour of power yoga which includes stretching and toning. This helps to fasten her metabolism and also increase flexibility.

Huma Quereshi Weightloss Success Story

Yoga is followed by strength and weight training exercises. Huma says it is imperative for one to concentrate on core strength. Besides this, she also engages in some Pilate classes with Radhika Karle. “I am a tall person, and I couldn’t stand straight, but Pilates have helped me a lot in developing a better posture. It assisted in strengthening my muscles and developing the core. Unlike a workout, its effects are much longer and visible than weightlifting.” said the actress at the launch of ‘Body Image For Fitocratic.’

The 28 Day Detox Regime

Huma Quereshi Weightloss Success Story

Even though she had started training last year, the actress started off with an announcement of a 28-day detox on Instagram this year, motivating many to join her on the journey to a  healthy body. The detox plan included organic, fresh and healthy food options avoiding bad food options like that of refined sugars, alcohol, gluten, soda, processed and junk foods. Huma who confesses to being a nonvegetarian followed a diet which included her favorite chicken and everything she loves. The only thing ensured was that it was fresh and accurate in amount.

Here’s what she posted each day about the diet she followed.

Huma’s Routine

Huma Quereshi Weightloss Success Story

She mostly starts her days with a cup of hot water, lemon, and some grated ginger. She takes six to eight small meals a day endorsing a motto, ‘never crave, never worry.’

The diet not just looks healthy but also delicious! However, Huma does not like to give out her diet as such.

Huma took out time, even between her busy schedule, to keep her fans and followers updated daily with the diet she followed and exactly what she ate, along with pictures. The actress claimed to have cooked almost all the food herself so as to stay informed what went into her food. She also gives credit to her nutritionist Rashi Chaudhary for making her yummy yet healthy dishes to meet her cravings. Travels and shoots, however, did not affect her dedication to stick to home cooked food as that was the best way to go. Even though a foodie, she stuck to the plan and emerged out of it healthier, happier and much prettier.

However, the gorgeous actress repeated one line throughout most of her posts,” Forget the scale! Your self worth is not dependent on the weighing scale or your weight !!”.

 Huma’s Training

huma qureshi fitness


She started training with her new trainer, Yasmeen Karachiwala since last November and the result is what we see today. Huma asserts that she never had this norm of losing weight as such. She was mainly focused on having a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle.

“It’s not an agenda that I need to lose weight or look a particular way. The thought is not that there was something wrong with me and I’m trying to correct it. I am just trying to be a better version of myself”, the actress said talking to an online news portal.

Huma Quereshi Weightloss Success Story

The actress sets an example by saying that the prime focus is to save your body from all unnecessary struggles or starving that people practice going size zero. Huma here professes that you should aim to be healthy and fit rather than being skinny alone. Concentrate more on strengthening your core as that decides your strength. The rest will follow. Huma looks stunning in her new avatar, and it’s a huge inspiration for many women.