How to tell your partner they fat

How to tell your partner they are actually overweight?

It is not easy telling somebody that they are overweight, let alone your own spouse. Such a situation is roughly equivalent to walking on a mine field and in all probability, it might turn into a nasty fight and be “blown” out of proportion. So no wonder most of us try avoiding it. Though talking about weight issues is still a touchy topic, there are still ways to convey the same without hurting anyone’s feelings. And if you really care about your loved ones and have their best interests at heart, it is rather your responsibility to make sure that they become fit. Hence the question on how to tell your partner that they are fat is solved below .

Here are a bunch of tips that would help you put your intentions in a subtle way; thereby cushioning the blow and keeping the impact minimal.

Tell your partner that they are actually overweight

  • Take a good look at your spouse (not like you already don’t ! ) :  Now take a moment and address the elephant in the room (not literally!). Decide what’s making your loved ones look the way they are and zero in on the problem. Is it the sedentary lifestyle that’s packing fat into his/her waistline or simply bad eating habits and irregular sleep hours? These are the general big contributors to obesity, and figuring them out means half the job done.
  • Honesty is the key to a good relationship : Be honest to yourself and your spouse. If he/she has taken to bad eating habits and gained weight, you were definitely not an innocent bystander. Accept that your love for cheese pizzas and restaurant menus have contributed to some of those extra pounds too. Also remember, it is likely that they are aware of their weight and don’t need you to point it out explicitly. To tell your partner that they are actually overweight, could make them feel worse.

Tell your partner that they are actually overweight

  • Make it an “us” and “we” problem : The best way to have a turnaround it is not to tell at all – rather make conscious changes to your meals and shift to an overall healthy lifestyle. So instead of “Honey please avoid cheese, it is making you fat”, try – “I’m not really in a mood for a burger, but how about a fruit salad instead?” Also, you can’t gobble Gulab Jamuns and pastries while you expect him/her to run miles on the treadmill.So to tell your partner that they are actually overweight won’t be such a big task if you be supportive of each other and together take a step towards eating healthy and exercising .
  • Look beyond faults and search for solutions together : Each of us have lead different lives and we are the best judges of what is making us fat. So let your spouse try losing weight in a ways best suitable to him/her. Don’t criticize but lend a hand in their endeavours. Go on workouts together, join your community gym and be regular at it.Maybe try salsa (or any other dance) for a month or take up a new sport. Prepare healthy meals together at home instead of ordering it or eating out. Remember there is really no one right way to do things. All you need is a bundle of patience and a conscious effort to become fit and healthy . Weight is a delicate subject when it comes to women and similarly muscles or body fat when it comes to men , so to tell your  partner that they are actually overweight will be tough if you do not portray your intentions of saying so in the right way and with the right thought .

Tell your partner that they are actually overweight

  • Let it bring you closer : It is always a struggle to watch your loved ones in such a state , but like a couple vows to stay together for better or for worse , in health or in sickness , so that is what we should do . A couple should try to reinforce each other , motivate rather than criticise and try to pick each other up when things aren’t going that great . This is the perfect solution to stay fit,happy and in love .

Stay Healthy, Stay Fitso!