Improve Cycling

How to Improve Cycling : A guide for Beginners

Along with the right to cycle come responsibilities towards other people and towards your own body. Here, 6 tips that on how to improve cycling and to help you cycle better without any negative impact on your body:

1. If you’re buying a new cycle, make sure your cycle fits your frame and your purpose. For an instance if you’re buying a mountain bike, double-check the ground clearance. Moreover, your handles should be at least one inch lower than your seat.

2. Pick a right seat that is neither too hard nor too narrow. Particularly women can have a hard time riding on a hard, narrow seat.

3. If you’re a beginner or you are out of shape, it’s better to increase the intensity of cycling slowly. Dont give yourself a hard time in the initial days of your workout.

4. Wear a pair of sleek shorts that are comfortable, to avoid skin irritation. People generally underestimate its importance, but a comfortable dress plays a prominent part in helping you pedal more efficiently and powerfully.

5. It is advised not to pedal in high gears for a long time as it could increase unbearable pressure to your knees. Shift to lower gears to get more exercise with less pressure on your knees.

6. After a challenging uphill session, dont coast downhill without pedaling. As when you push your muscles during uphill, lactic acid builds up in your muscles – by pedaling slowly while coming downhill you help remove that lactic acid.

7. Be traffic savvy and use good road sense if cycling in the city. Keep an eye out for potholes and car doors swinging open suddenly.

Improve Cycling

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