How to Follow Training Plan

How to Follow Training Plan

Okay, so you’ve got a training plan that looks achievable. You are sure it will lead you to your goal. Now all you have to do is — follow it. But actually following it to the end is not as easy as it seems. Apart from the limited time that you can spare, you also have to deal with your ownlet’s be honestlaziness. This is How to Follow Training Plan: 

 1. Find out the right plan for yourself

If your training plan is made for professionals, you’ll definitely give up on it. If it’s too easy, you won’t improve. Either way, you’ll quit.

It’s not uncommon for runners to get pumped up, crank out a few extreme workouts, and then find themselves sore and giving up on the whole thing.

 The most important factor to help you stick to your training plan is to get the right plan in the first place. A good training plan should take into account your current fitness level, the time you can spare and the environment you can train in. It should also prescribe distances and paces based on your fitness level,  and map your progress as you go.

Getting a customized training plan is not that easy, but fortunately we have got it covered for you! You can get the right training plan for yourself on the FITSO App that you can download from the Playstore on Android or the App Store on iOS.

 2. Commit to a goal

If you are progressing without a goal, you’ll not be able to reach anywhere. Hence you need a goal. A goal can be your marriage or a reunion party before which you want to get fit, or the upcoming marathon you wish to run in, or any such event that is coming up and motivating you to run.

Your goal just needs to be concrete and attainable within a stipulated period — about three to four months away — but not so far that you begin procrastinating. Set smaller goals along the way, like running a certain amount of mileage or nailing your weekly track workouts.


Set your Goal (5k, 10k, 21k) in the FITSO App and track as you go! Consult with experts to reach your goal faster with a better approach.

 3. Find a buddy

Each of us likes to sleep. We often do not wish to leave the bed in the morning. If you give up on your plan because you wish to sleep “a little more” in the morning, then you are not alone.

But having a running buddy can solve this problem. If you have a mate who is going to run with you, he/she’ll keep you motivated and will push you to wake up and go for a run. Running with a partner makes it way more fun and less boring (as solo runs might be, for some).

However, your training partner should have similar goals and similar health conditions as you. If they are professional runners, you might give up on the entire thing as you can’t match their pace. Too slow and you will get bored. So, finding the right partner is extremely important.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry much about getting a training partner as the FITSO App can help you with that too!

 4. Be flexible (but consistent)

It can be easy to find yourself questioning your training. Should you be doing more? Should you cut out a workout because you had a rough day?

It’s important to be flexible. If one day is exhausting at work, then maybe you can take a lighter run than usual. But that doesn’t mean you need to fall off your plan entirely. It just means being sure that each day has a training objective and value. Think about what you want to accomplish each day.

Following these basic tips can help you stick to your training plan and achieve your goals. Try it with us buddy! You surely wouldn’t get disappointed.

#Stay Happy, Stay Fitso


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