How to do Yoga at home

How to do Yoga at home – Tips and Guidelines

For any yoga practitioner, the most difficult challenge is to create a yoga practice schedule at home- to make sure you can keep up with your routine on a daily basis. But for that a practitioner must choose from a list of yoga postures that fit him well, qualitatively as well as quantitatively. Here’s a guide on How to do Yoga at home.

Doing yoga all by yourself makes it difficult to measure the relative significance of the practices and it becomes tough to make sure that you’re doing them correctly. If you plan to practice alone, such limitations are inevitable.

However, following these simple guidelines and tips would help you practice yoga at home in an efficient manner:

Create a permanent and comfortable spot for your yoga practice. Try to find a place which is usually isolated or at least peaceful and quite, as practicing in front of everyone could sometimes become awkward.

When practicing alone, people generally try to finish it off quickly. Avoid doing that. There are no shortcuts for practicing yoga. If time doesn’t permit you to do all the postures you know, do them on an alternate day basis, but whatever you do, do it at a proper pace to reap in the benefits.

If there’s limited space, make sure you watch your boundaries. Be mindful of your body’s vulnerable areas like knees, spine, and neck to avoid injuries.

Practice relaxing postures like ‘Savasana’ and ‘Tadasana’ after every other posture. You shouldn’t make your sessions extremely stringent since you’re your own Yoga instructor when practicing alone at home.

Be regular with your practice. Even three times a week – or if you’re too busy – just once a week, is good enough. When it comes to practicing yoga, it’s important that you’re regular with your practice, the frequency of practice is a secondary aspect.

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