How to Buy Fruits for Keeping Body Healthy and Wealthy

If you are finicky or too much health conscious then you will definitely think to take fruits in your breakfast or lunch. It is true that eating fruit provides health benefits and it is an essential skill to learn how to buy fruits. People, who are habituated to eat more fruits and have taken this as part of an overall healthy diet, are mostly having a reduced risk of some chronic diseases. Many of us have not developed the habit of fruit-eating lacking us then nutrients vital for health and maintenance of the body.

Fruits are important because:

  • Most fruits are naturally low in fat, sodium, and calories. None have cholesterol.
  • Fruits are the sources of potassium, dietary fibre, vitamin C, like bananas, prunes dried peaches and apricots, cantaloupe, orange juice.
  • Eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables as part of an overall healthy diet may reduce the risk for heart disease, including heart attack and stroke.
  • Protect certain types of cancers.
  • Fibre fruits reduce obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.
  • Eating fruits also help to decrease bone loss and reduce the risk of developing stone in kidney.

How to choose/buy fruits

When you are purchasing fruits, definitely, you would not like to buy bad fruits from grocery shops. How do you feel when you bite a rotten apple? Or you won’t like to bite a bruised pear. There are some steps to select the seasonal fruits.

Steps to Buy Fruits:

First Step

Fruits that come in season are always fresh and full of flavor. In summer you will get different types of fruit.

Second Step

Use your senses to pick good fruits at the grocery shop. The smell, touch, and look of the fruits are all important in determining whether you get ripe, delicious fruit or sour, unripe or bland fruit.

Third Step

When you are choosing fruits check the stem of the fruit, if it has one. The stem is the natural clock of when the fruit was picked. You should pick up early and that will possibly become mealy when ripened. Green stem with ripe fruit means perfect. Hard stem means it has been picked up long ago and mus lack flavor.

Fourth Step

You should search for the fruit that you want until you get it. The less popular fruits may not be in season which can mean that they will not be in the store at that time.


Buy fruits from grocery

In this world nothing go waste, all produce would get eaten. Grocery shopping should not be done as a chore! While you are purchasing fruits from grocery shop you can get fresher, tastier and sweet production if only you keep certain things in mind:

  1. It is usually better to opt for smaller fruits because they tend to be sweeter or more savory.
  2. Big is not bad, but should not reject the smaller ones just because of their size.
  3. Don’t base your decision on how perfect they might look. Instead, pick them by their weight: Heavier fruits will be juicier.
  1. Sometimes, colour won’t mean anything at all.
  2. For certain fruits, colour is a better indication of ripeness like this pineapple.
  3. Do not hesitate to smell your fruits. This goes for pineapple, cantaloupe, mango, honeydew and other tropical fruits.
  4. Sometimes you need to feel your fruits thus give them a light squeeze.

Surprising facts of popular produce

You can make mouth watering fantastic summer fruit tarts. You can make the most in-season produce with these tasty desserts. Early summer is peak season for a variety of delicious, bright-coloured fruits, from strawberries and blueberries to peaches and mangoes. They are terrific to eat on their own, they also make the perfect filling for summertime tarts. Pretty, petite that mix and match the best this season has to offer. The possibilities are unending. You can make Two-berry tart, Mango Custard tart, Raspberry-Almond tart, Cookie fruit tart etc.

You can make delicious fruit salsa recipes.  Salsas made of tomatoes and pureed veggies are very common. For a summer spin, you can try a fruit salsa fresco. For this style of topping, all you need to do is chopping, dice and mix together your favourite fruits with some crunchy bits of vegetables and a drizzle citrus. The result is a refreshing accompaniment to a range of proteins, chicken and fish. You can make different types of fruit salsa like Island-style pineapple salsa, Roasted Halibut with orange salsa, Walnut-crusted halibut with orange salsa etc.

Using of fruit fresh

When you come back home from the market or grocery shop, it is tempting to put everything in the refrigerator and forget about it. But taking extra time to deal with the produce will help you get the most from your money and give you a jump start on cooking.

Washing the produce: Very first thing you have to wash the produce after coming back of home. It will keep your fruits slight longer. In this way you can use the fruit in cleaned condition. You should always examine for soft spots, black spots, insect holes, snails, worms and insects. If something is soft put it aside to eat. Make sure which produce needs to be used first, starting with the leftovers from your previous trip.

Best way to store fruits

Strawberries- Always make time to sort strawberries right away, as the soft one will ruin the rest. Take the soft ones to eat right away, and put the firmer strawberries in a plastic container for the next day. Cut off brown spots for the ripest ones and serve immediately, or as soon as possible.

Grapes- Scoop out the grapes that have fallen to the bottom cut off brown, wash, and serves. These are the tastiest anyway. Store the rest in the refrigerator.


Bananas- You can keep the bananas on the counter or shelf until they ripe, and then transferred to the refrigerator. Bananas freeze well, with or without the peel.

Citrus fruits- These fruits can stay out in mild weather. For the record, they get infested by insects on the peel so scrub them off if that bothers you.

Apples- Best refrigerated, but can stay out in a pinch.

Pitted fruits- Fruits like peaches, apricots, plums, cherries and nectarines are needed to keep in refrigerator, but first you sort out ripe or blemished fruit, wash and then you store in a refrigerator. You have to take precautions of pears also like you take precautions in pitted fruits.

Fruits Benefits