How often should you run?

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How often should you run? It’s one question which puzzles everyone. But the volume of your training should be directly proportional to the event.

The answer to how often you should run depends on what you want to achieve and how much your body can take without getting injured.

For a Half Marathon, it makes sense if you do a 16-20 km long run, during the weeks preceding the race – which however, is highly insufficient while training for a marathon. As the body just doesn’t feel ready during the race to face the wall your body hits at 36 km.

In my case, Sub 3 marathon came when I trained myself for over 100 miles/week back to back. With the body sorted on volume, I worked on pace. And running 100 miles a week = running ridiculous amounts every day.
Moreover, for general audience for whom running is nothing but a general exercise, there should be a balance between how much they should run and how much they should rest. If you never rest, your muscles will get exhausted for not getting proper time to recover. So for neophytes, it is recommended to run only three to four days a week.

Arunaabh Shah

Arunaabh is a professional Runner who has been running for many years now, and has run in many sorts of Marathons. He often help people who trying to break their personal bests in Marathons, Ultra Marathons and Triathlons. He even pace them during races to motivate them. With his vast experience and learning, he is here to help others.