5 Tips to choose the right swimming class for your kids

Swimming is an essential life-skill. So much so, that in countries like South Africa, swimming is a mandatory skill that kids are expected to know before they are granted admission in schools from Grade R onwards. In India, thankfully, there is no such stringent rule. It is still a given though that enrolling your child into a swimming class and getting him or her to learn it is something most parents take seriously. 

Considering that swimming opens up several avenues for fitness and leisure enjoyment, it is not just about ‘the ability to survive on water’. Hence, most parents want their kids to learn it sooner or later. And since swimming coaching from a certified instructor is obviously the safest and most convenient way to get them to learn, they are always on the lookout for the best swimming class in their neighborhood.

If you are such a parent looking to get your kids some enrolled in a swimming class, or if you are on the lookout for a good swimming coach, here are 5 ways to ensure that you pick the best one.


Choose a swimming class in your neighbourhood. Finding a great swimming coach that is near your child’s school or home ensures that fewer classes are missed. With greater compliance, your child can learn faster and better still, not think of it as a chore.

Coach Profile

Find a swimming coach who is not just certified but is also experienced in kids coaching. Better still, go watch him take a class before you decide. Watch the way he teaches, watch his technique and also his demeanour when he instructs the students in his class. All of these matter, not just when it comes to how quickly your child can learn, but also when it comes to whether your child enjoys the class or not.

A strict swimming coach who does not know how to handle a sensitive child may give your child a lifelong fear of water, even after she has learnt to swim. Hence, find someone your child is completely comfortable with.

Pool Profile

Find a family-friendly pool that your child is comfortable with, especially one with safe and secure arenas. Some kids, for example, hate cold water. They behave like a screeching cat even at the prospect of getting wet. Enroll them at a temperature-controlled pool that stays comfortably heated even in the winters. And with that one smart move, you can fully on-board your child with any plans to get swimming-fit!

Comfort of the Child

The comfort of the child is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a swimming coach or class. For example, kids (usually girls) adamantly refuse to learn swimming ‘from some strange man’. Finding a Female instructor could be a simpler solution and needless to say, the results would turn out well.


Though getting your child to learn swimming is a primary objective, one cannot keep the cost factor away from the decision. Getting cheap swimming coaching is possible but getting it while fulfilling all of the above points may not be easy. Find the right balance between the right swimming class and coach and the price you have to pay for it, and you’re set!


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Content Credits: Sayali Bedekar Patil