How Much Your Favourite Foods Can Make You Run!

There are delicious high calorie foods items out there, bursting with cheese and sauces that challenge our temptations everyday. Not many of us can control our temptations and most of us finally give in to taste the saucy, cheesy Burger or Pizza with a pint of Beer along with the movie we are watching!

But unfortunately, the evil calories from these items gives you more than just pleasure. They give  you the horror of fat, which will get stored in your body for long if you don’t burn it off. Fitso is here to help you with that.

High Calorie foods vs Running

High calorie foods - Burger

Whaaaaa….?? One Single Burger needs this much of running…?

High calorie foods - Chicken Curry

Ohhh come on… Think before you have the yummy Chicken curry for dinner

High calorie foods - Beer

Please don’t take that from me…Pleeeaaase

High calorie foods - Pizza

Ohhh my god, I almost fainted. You mean to slice is worth 15 mins. An entire pizza will require me to run for 2 hours. 😐

Read this to know about healthy food options:

High calorie foods - Popcorn

Wait wait wait, I thought it was healthy

High calorie foods - Paneer Kadhai

Pleeease noo, Kadai Paneer is my favourite..!!

High calorie foods - Butter Slice

One butter slice….?? I used to have 2 butter slices with one Parantha. Somebody help me, I’ll faint.
High calorie foods - Pasta

Never eating pasta again. Although whole wheat Pasta is good for health, that I know for sure.

High calorie foods - Cold drink

But I love coke..!! Don’t make me choose between coke and running

High calorie foods - Chips

Out of home and feeling super hungry? Go to that grocery shop nearby and sure, have a bag of chips. And then what? Nope, not having one. Can’t run this much

High calorie foods - Donuts

Ohhh come on….Who doesn’t like Doughnuts?

High calorie foods - Pastry

Sweet Pastry is one of the best dessert to complete any meal. I am already drooling. Please don’t take it away

High calorie foods - Chocolate

Whhhaaaaaaaaaaaa…..I think I just lost my reason to live on this planet.

High calorie foods - Samosa

Okay, that I already knew. But the tongue in me is much more powerful than the brains in me

High calorie foods - Icecream

NO NO NO NO NO NO……!!!!!

So next time when you are choosing from the menu card, choose wisely and be prepared to Run!