Here’s Why You Should Think Twice Before Ordering Coffee or Tea on a Plane

Travel is tough, and especially when you have to make an early morning flight to attend the meeting. The only solace you have is the warm cup of Tea or Coffee to keep awake and refresh in the meeting. What if I told you can’t have it?

why you shouldn't order coffee

Next time you travel you need to think twice before ordering this hot drink.

“Flight attendants will not drink hot water on the plane. They will not drink plain coffee, and they will not drink plain tea,” one flight attendant told Business Insider.

Water on the flight is not strictly regulated.

First, the quality of water that is brought by the truck to planes is not of best quality. Please note that we are not talking about the mineral water but water that will be used for preparing your drink.

why you shouldn't order coffee

Second, for a long flight, water collected once from trucks is used for 24-48 hours. After 12 hours water starts to go flat as carbon dioxide in the air starts to mix, lowering its ph. Further, this water is not tested again. According to a 2004 EPA sample of 158 planes, 13 percent contained coliform. Two of the airplanes were found to have dangerous E.coli in the water.

Dr. Cedric Spak, an infectious disease specialist at Baylor University Medical Center, mentions that people with infants should “think twice” before filling a baby’s bottle with airplane tap water.

Tea or coffee on the plane – not a good idea!