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Enhance Your Fitness Training to Ideally Stay Fit and Healthy


Working out with a heart rate monitor to work out in a specific zone is what heart rate zone is all about. The monitor has straps attached to the sensors that are tug up on the chest to analyse the heart beat of people. It tells all about the zones in which the person should work out and about the accurate heart rate of the person. It also explains about how well the cardiac respiratory system of the person is working. To be healthy and have good heart rates one should keep training with heart rate zones. Training with heart rate zone is quite beneficial for people in many ways.

Importance of Heart Rate Zone for Runners

It is really beneficial for runners to be aware about their heart rate zone. This is great for beginners who just began running and working out because it becomes easy and amazing to teach the newbie about different zones of the aerobic capacity. People sometimes tend to work out very rigorously and that is definitely not good for health, working out according to your heart rate zone will make you lessen that and control the amount and intensity of the workout. You get to know your heart rate zone and you can work out accordingly.

Types of Heart Rate Zones

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There are five basic types of heart rate zones. Following are the types:

  • ZONE 1- Fat burning zone– The maximum heart rate ranges from 50% to 60%. The name makes it very clear that running that gets energy from fat cells. This requires a long duration run with low intensity. In this zone the most favourable work out is just a little bit of warm up and cool down.
  • ZONE 2- Slow and long runs or easy and recovery runs– This is also known as the energy efficient zone. The maximum heart rate ranges from 60% to 70%. This zone develops the aerobic capacity and basic endurance.
  • ZONE 3- Aerobic or the target heart rate zone– This zone has the effects on cardiovascular system. Training in this zone provides oxygen to the working out muscles. The maximum heart rate ranges from 70% to 80%.
  • ZONE 4- Anaerobic zone– This has maximum heart rate ranging from 80% to 90%. When the body is unable to remove lactic acid from muscles due to excess work out; that is the anaerobic threshold.
  • ZONE 5- Red line zone– The maximum heart rate ranges from 90% to 100% which is really high percentage. Training in this zone is just short lived.

You can know about the zone if you wear the heart rate monitor while training and exercising.

Pros and Cons Involved with Heart Rate Zones

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There are various positivity involved in training yourself according to your heart rate zone. This boosts a person and motivates the person concerned. It is also helpful to know people about how much to work out and exercise. It prevents from over exercising.

Every coin has two sides and so does this training have. There are few cons to this kind of training. The first one is that if you keep getting the data from heart rate zone, you will be confused about any exercise that you take up. This is best when individual running plans happen. The biggest drawback is that the heart rate zone changes with evolution of human kind.

Measuring Techniques of Heart Rate Zones

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The measurement process is really quick, easy and simple. Take a paper and a pen, write down your age and subtract it from 220. The value that you got after subtraction is the age predicted maximum beats per minute. This is not the accurate measure because the inherited genes may make your heart beat rate ten or twenty beats less or more than the calculated one.

There are even other methods like stress test and exercise tolerance test to measure the heart beat rate and to know the heart rate zone. Besides calculating the heart beat rate you should even determine the resting heart rate, calculate the heart rate reserve and also calculate the aerobic training heart rate range that helps in fat burning.


There are various companies that sell this heart rate zoning machine. This is extremely helpful for the people who have begun running or who workout rigorously. You should buy the machine that predicts the heart rate zone clearly. Following your heart rate zone for work out is beneficial in every aspect. It helps to remain healthy and fit and that too with accurate heart beat rate measures.

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Once you know your heart rate zone you can exercise and work according to that and extract the maximum benefit out of that work out. You will have the zone which is any one among the five zones. That depends on what is the calculated heart beat rate, resting heart rate, etc. Once the heart rate zone is checked and known you can start working out and running according to your heart rate zones. It is advisable to talk to your doctor before you decide to buy a heart rate monitor. It is not a small investment. It is a onetime investment; you do not buy that every day. So consult a doctor before you buy that. Also check how the machine works and how to read it. It is the matter of your health so do your home work before you start running and exercising in your heart rate zone. The main agenda must be to remain fit and healthy and burn fat only that is the extra fat.