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Healthy Shades Of Marijuana: 11 Benefits

Girl Smoking Weed: Healthy Shades of Marijuana

To legalize marijuana has since long been an undecided conundrum. Marijuana’s proponents in the United States claim it as rather safer than alcohol, while opponents disregard it as low as ‘drugs’. Is it really safe? Or is it still away to get a green nod from the jury? Further research may push it close to legalization worldwide. However, the research till date has shed light on various health benefits marijuana is capable of.

Let us know the existing merits it has to offer the mankind

  1. It ups one’s creative quotient by several times

The unproved dogma of marijuana’s association with stupidity was proved absurd by scientists. Latest research shows that the people who tend to relish tokes of marijuana are highly creative than the ones not into it.

  1. The fact that it is anti-cancerous is too big a merit

Marijuana’s role in demolishing cancerous cells was ratified long back by the scientists. There are compounds present in it, potent enough to inhibit metastasis in some severely malicious types of cancer. This is not a mere buzz but researchers in the U.K have accomplished destroying cancer cells in Leukemia patients. There’s however, a lot of Science behind how it works and you can dig in further into journals and all that jazz, if inquisitive.

  1. Not every smoke is detrimental for lungs

There’s a myth that smoking leads to chronic diseases in lungs. But marijuana’s effect has allowed the scientists to confute the myth. Journal of the American Medical Association found out that it elevates one’s lungs’ capacity.

  1. It controls Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

OCD, seemingly casual, is actually a stressful disease one can deal with. It is because people around often fail to be empathetic towards it as the obsessions a patient bears may be regarded as ‘bulshit’ by others. But, the trouble lies all in the activities of brain. Marijuana assists in regulating it, making the sufferer’s life a notch better.

  1. Lowered intensity of depression

No matter physically ailed or not, most of the people today tend to undergo depression, even if subtle. Changing lifestyle has made us prone to it. Marijuana is a speck of hope for the hopeless depression cases.

  1. It can prevent the blindness in glaucoma patients

Glaucoma patients are recommended to consume marijuana, either orally or intravenously, to prevent blindness. National Eyes Institute enlightened the fact that marijuana, when toked, decreases intraocular pressure (IOC) in patients with glaucoma.

  1. A probable respite for the patients of Alzheimer’s

The journals published reveals the fact that the certain compounds present in marijuana has the potential to inhibit an enzyme that is held responsible for creating amyloid plaque, which destroys the functional cells of brain. It can’t cure it completely but certainly slow down the progression of disease.  Isn’t this a bright ray of hope in the dark lives of Alzheimer’s?

  1. Reduced pain in arthritis bearers

Rampancy of arthritis is rising among aged population. Marijuana is a natural pain killer and can be of great relief to arthritis patients. Researchers concluded that the patients under the effect of marijuana bore less pain and inflammation.

  1. It can free you from the embarrassment of stammering

Stammering socially projects one as an object of mockery. Regardless of the fact that stammering is a natural defect, people fail to empathize with them. Anyways, there’s a good news awaiting that marijuana can set these pitiable fellows free from speech issues.

  1. Effective in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Cases

The world has become more like a battleground. Especially, the land running across the mammoth middle-east has become a natural crematory ground. Those escaping death are half-dead and are maimed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Marijuana has emerged as an alternative medication for such patients.

  1. Diversion for alcohol addicts

There’s no defiance to the fact that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol. Said that, shifting from alcohol to marijuana is unquestionably a safer choice and research in Harm Reduction Journal also showed that marijuana is a safe replacement for physically damaging alcohol and other drugs. This diversion certainly doesn’t propagate the message of leaving alcohol and become marijuana enthusiast. However, it can be used as a tool to withdraw from alcohol.

What’s our take on marijuana legalization?

 Everything under the sky has got its pros and cons. Likewise marijuana too falls under the same category. Obviously, we can’t be ignorant of its demerits but we should be discreet enough to extract out the benefits, put it into healthy use and make our planet healthier.

The word ‘education’ can deal any and every problem. Similarly, opening the human minds to the ginormous world of marijuana can help them become prudent with its usage. Once the words sink in their minds, marijuana can be legalized. For, once educated, we, owing to our good and bad, can make our individual calls on its use.