Low Calorie Food Ideas

proteinCalorie deficit is the easiest and simplest way to lose weight while still sticking to your usual routine without the need for a gym. So, here are some healthy low calories meal ideas that are super low in calories while still giving you all the necessary nutrition you require per day.

Each person has different levels of calorie intake. So given an average person requires around 2000-2500, we will consider a deficit of 500 calories. Any lower will affect the system. 500 is the maximum recommended amount of deficit as suggested by doctors.




Approximately 150 kCal with the inclusion of chutney per person. This is one of the best options for a low oil healthy breakfast. And not to mention, its taste is pretty addictive.


Cheese Vegetable Sandwich

Approximately 400 kCal per sandwich including tomatoes, onion, iceberg lettuce and cucumber. Simple to make, raw fresh vegetables, necessary fats and carbs to kick into the day. A perfect breakfast option.

Parathas + Curd

Approximately 500 kCal per serving of 2 pieces along with curd. Simple plain paratha or even one with a stuffing is an Indian classic. You cannot go wrong here.

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100 gram serving with an estimate of 300 kCal. Rich in fiber and can be made to suit your mood. Masala oats or sweet oats with milk. The choice is yours.

Scrambled Eggs

2 eggs scrambled with necessary spices and its the simplest yet one of the most delicious breakfast options there is. Approximately 200 kCal



Roti/Brown Rice

Depending on your choice, roti or brown rice (suggested not necessary) is the perfect source of carbs for the body. 100 grams rice or 3-4 tawa roti amounting to around 100-150 kCal is great to go along with any curry of your choice.

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Paneer, Egg, chicken or any vegetable of your choice made with minimal oil is a great low-calorie option to go along with your roti or rice. The curry alone gives an approximate of 100 kCal and any addition of vegetables or proteins depends on your choice.


Chicken, fish, eggs or paneer. Its is essential to provide the body with a minimum of 100 grams of protein per day. Choose your favorite from here and mix it up regularly to give your body the essential proteins.

Note: – Going over the necessary amount is not healthy and will result in weight gain.

Cheese Sandwich


Your breakfast idea works pretty well for a lunch as well. You could make it a double sandwich given you cut down on your calorie intake either in your snacks or dinner.



Most kinds of fruits will do just fine as long as don’t over eat.

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Dark Chocolate

According to docs, 50 grams of dark chocolate, around 2 hours before a meal helps lose weight. Has an approximate of 250 kCal. It’s good for you chocolate freaks out there.

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Air Popped Popcorn

50 grams of air Popped Popcorn while you’re watching a movie or kicking down your stress in the evening laying out on your deck, popcorn is a great option to cover up the calorie count for the day. Not to mention, it’s tasty.

Approximately 150-200 kCal per 50 grams.

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1 cup of any yogurt of your choice giving you an estimated kCal of 100-120.


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Egg Bhurji

Around 150 kCal per 2 eggs serving. Protein and taste. Just what you need. Team it up with a maximum of 2 roti and you’re gold.

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Any soup will do just fine. Suggested are vegetable soups or chicken soups. Approximately 100 calories per serving.


Minimal amount of curry to cover up the calories and your appetite. Add in your favorite vegetables and you got yourself taste and nutrition. Adding in some green vegetables, peas will just add on to the goodness.

Approximately 100 kCal per serving.

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Nice warm milk before bed just eases you into sleep. You cannot go wrong here.

Around 150 kCal per serving of 250 ml.

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