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Tips to live a Fit & Healthy Life

A fit person is the one who is stable and strong physically as well as mentally. Today, being fit is a requirement rather than choice. As Jim Rohn once said, “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in.” So here is a list of 10 powerful fitness tips to help you make your way to a healthy life and well-being.

1. Eat well

Many people mistake eating well with eating flavorless. Well, that’s incorrect if you know how to experiment with food and still make it healthy. Eating healthy means to eat well-balanced diet by setting up achievable goals and work gradually to change your eating habits. Healthy eating is beneficial to improve your energy level, strength, immunity and to reduce stress, risk of diseases and lastly, to make you look healthier.

2. Never skip meal

Laziness, timing issues or efforts for quick weight loss – these are the prime reasons people give for skipping meals. But as it turns out, skipping meals doesn’t help with weight loss because you tend to eat more next time. Moreover, it makes brain less focused and body exhausted as sugar level goes down. Hence, it lowers your metabolism as well as productivity. As far as timings are concerned, it is better to keep quick nutritious mini-meals ready to eat on the go.

3. 6 small meals a day

The concept of mini meals is highly appreciated for weight loss. The reason is quite simple – as body knows that more food is coming, it burns calories rather than storing as fat. This plan also lowers cholesterol and engenders metabolism rate while optimizing blood, sugar and energy levels. The only caution is that it shouldn’t turn into overeating and daily calorie needs are matched.

4. Drink plenty of water

Increasing water intake not only balances the body fluids but also works towards weight-loss. If you prefer water over a caloric beverage, you already consumed less calories and eating water-rich foods give a feeling of fullness which restricts your calorie intake. Drinking more water also improves bowel functionalities keeping your kidneys intoxicated. Apart from these internal benefits, water has major outer benefit that it hydrates the skin keeping it moisturized.

5. Avoid junk food

Other than being quick and convenient, eating junk food doesn’t have much benefits as compared to disadvantages. It just more or less defines high consumption of calories resulting into obesity, diabetes, cardiac diseases and nutrient deficiencies. It is also found that it has psychological disadvantages such as depression. Hence, it is okay to grab a bite of junk food occasionally but not at all recommended for daily consumption especially for those who aspire to stay fit.

6. Avoid sugar

While being one of the fueling components of body, additive sugar is extremely harmful. Known as ’empty calories’, high sugar intake leads to obesity and heart diseases. As it is high in fructose, it overloads the liver and gets turned into fat. It is also addictive and increases risk of diabetes. However, all those people with sweet tooth should not worry as there are various alternatives to sugar such as dates, jaggery, fruits with high nutrition and sweetness.

7. Regular exercise

One of the most important tips to being fit includes exercising regularly. Being physically active improves your overall performance and keeps your internal systems charged. It energizes the body and improves mood while keeping weight in control and diseases and stress away. Maintaining a regular exercise schedule also helps to reduce effects of aging and provides overall fitness.

8. Meditations

Being focused is an important part of being fit and meditations help you to achieve that. While exercises work more for outer fitness, meditations work more towards improving emotional fitness. It helps to induce calmness, reduced stress levels and stabilized emotions. Meditation also slows down aging process and enhances energy.

9. Proper sleep

Your sleeping patterns have impacts on your fitness plan. When you take a good night’s sleep, you wake up feeling refreshed on the next day and your workout session goes smoothly. Sleep also affects weight loss. A sleep deprived body backfires the effects of dieting and workout. Body craves for higher calorie consumption when there is lack of sleep. Apart from this, proper sleep helps to keep brain active and increases productivity.

10. Optimistic training

All the tips and exercises are crucial for a fit life but what if you never start doing it? There should be enough motivation to get you up and follow the tips. This can be achieved by positive and optimistic thinking. Being confident about yourself and pushing the edge with optimistic training makes a quality workout session. It is not easy to control negative thoughts and not hard to give up to bad habits. But it gets easier with practice. Set small manageable goals and motivate yourself to achieve them. The barriers will be outperformed each time you achieve a new goal.

Concluding with a quote by 4 times Ironman world champion, Craig Alexander – “To keep winning, I have to keep improving”. That’s why these tips are important. To improve the quality of efforts you are putting in to be fit. So now you know where to focus your energy and what to do. Be motivated, be determined, be fit.

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