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Health Myths That You Must Give Up Now

He is fool who believes in everything he hears, without even caring to find out whether or not any logic governs it. Being human is to inherently use the reasonable bent of our mind and not accumulate anything that is rumoured around in our mind. From superstitions to myths, despite the paradigm shift in modernity and technology, most of us allow ourselves to get cheated by myths time and time again. Aren’t you often warned by your mom to avoid curd at night? And there are many more you never question against, but rather follow blindly.People in recent times have become more health conscious and due to that, they believe in any of the health myths told to them.

So, here are a bunch of health myths you should give your farewell to:

  1. To abstain daily from fatty foods

Indeed, fried and greasy food items are terribly high in calories and are never advisable to be a part of your daily diet. According to a study conducted, American women who chose low-fat margarine over high-fat butter and accustomed their palate religiously to low-fat food indexed nothing ‘wow’ in their health check-up. They were still likely to get caught of cancers and worse, they didn’t lose significant weight as well. In fact, it is recommended that you should get your daily fill of healthy fat from a handful of nuts.

  1. To be overly BMI dependent

Yes, BMI does cue at your fitness but is not the ideal fitness gauger. It doesn’t take into account the excess fat your body is a haven for and also the perimeter of your waist, which is a significant indicator of certain diseases. BMI is an age-old tool and misses out a lot on other parameters.This is one of the health myths that is misleading in present times.

  1. To pause your breath after someone coughs

There are a few without an iota of decent mannerism to cup their hands with handkerchief around their mouth while coughing or sneezing. But, to do your part by holding your breath, for a moment, after someone sneezes or cough, doesn’t actually help. Bacteria they blow out travel faster than light.

  1. To bathe your gut with excess of vitamin C

There’s a reason why Vitamin C is known as a micro-nutrient and not a macro-nutrient. You are supposed to, therefore, take your dose accordingly. Just because it fights against infections, you can’t dive into the pool of vitamin c. Excess of it has its own side-effects to deal with.

  1. To not snap your knuckles

You’ll find majority of the peeps in your circle asking you to not snap your knuckles. They believe that doing so weakens your joints and also causes your finger bones to grow feeble before time. However, the study has indexed it to be a good clue that the joint is functioning smoothly.Such health myths should be noted in time so that people are under the impression that they are not weakening their joints.

  1. To say no to microwave

Nuking food in microwave has always been a controversial issue pertaining to human health. Heat energy that microwaves emit out causes the food molecules to oscillate faster and absorb heat quicker than the normal stoves. But, there’s a notion associated with microwave that half the nutrients are destroyed, when it comes in contact with the waves, however the quick action of microwave is actually of a saviour, protecting the nutrients and escorting them to our digestive system.

  1. To not consume curd at night

Ayurveda prohibits curd consumption at night but it is not for each of us to follow. Curd is believed to aggravate the production of mucus at night and is a threat to them who are vulnerable to cough and cold. There’s no thumb rule that none are allowed to delight in the taste of curd at night. You can always have it if you are not prone to catch cough and cold. Such health myths can be misleading and makes the human body devoid of nutrients.

  1. To pick up the dropped food item

health myths

Many times, we quickly pick up the chunk of food dropped on the floor. For you tend to believe that it takes time in the contamination of food, and if you pick it up in a fraction of second, it may not harbour a colony of germs, which is wrong of you to believe in.  A dropped food is always contaminated, more or less, but is always contaminated.

9. To be fanatic about tooth-brush

health myths

Many tend to run to sink and brush after everything they eat. But, giving your teeth a cleanup more often can be detrimental for your enamel, especially if you brush immediately after acidic intakes such as citrus juices or fruits.

10. To eat only egg whites

People these days cast away egg yolk and prefer to eat egg whites alone. For high-cholesterol risk has been associated with yolk and hence, people avert away from it.

However, research shows that cholesterol from egg yolk is dietary and is not a threat to your blood cholesterol provided you don’t suffer from high cholesterol.

11. To stick to gluten free diet

Gluten free close-up of raw coconut, flour and chips

Gluten-free diet is not meant for all, but only to them, who are allergic to it. Otherwise, you need not refrain yourself from a bread roll or any other gluten-ridden product. Those who complain of bloating because of glutelins should illuminate themselves now that they would bloat anyways, with or without gluten. Ace Directory .org

12. To juice and never chew

Lots of people get rid of the fibres and juice every fruit. Fibres discarded actually renders you the feel of fullness and save you from hunger pangs. But, as you filter out the fibres, you basically rob the crucial nutrition out of your juice and leave yourself with nothing but a glass full of sugar, which bolsters your hunger pangs.

Are you ready to put your mind into use and not swallow the stories circulated around?