Read About The Health Benefits of Yoga.

Yoga benefits have always known to be good for your holistic health. It strikes a balance between your body and mind. Yoga originated as a form of wellness in India a long time ago. Today, this form of wellness has taken over the world. In this article, let us understand the various health benefits of yoga.

Physical benefits of Yoga

Yoga can reduce chronic pain like lower back ache, headaches and other kinds of extreme illnesses. It also manages to eliminate insomnia as well as blood pressure. There are many benefits of yoga when it comes to body agility and flexibility.

1. Higher Flexibility

Your body flexibility enhances a lot because of Yoga. The various asanas in Yoga lead to an agile and flexible body. This is very important as you age, it avoids physical distress created by lack of flexibility.

2. Muscle strength and toning

One of the many loved health benefits of Yoga, is the toned and chiseled body it gives you. Prolonged practice of Yoga can really help you to get the perfect body you have always dreamt to have.

3. Respiration and Vitality

Yoga helps you to connect with your inner self. This is because it involves a lot of breathing patterns that helps your lungs to absorb more oxygen which leads to more vitality.

4. Weight reduction

This is an absolute given. The effects of Yoga on your weight and metabolism are long lasting. Weight reduction through Yoga gives you a perfect and balanced approach towards weight reduction.

5. Good athletic performance

Fitness and good athletic performance is something that lets us achieve more in life. Yoga gives you an athletically fit body and more vigour.

6. A good posture

Yoga helps you to maintain a good posture. It ensures that you maintain an erect spine. Fatigue and sedentary work can lead to a lot of problems which can impact you in the long run. A good posture denotes self confidence too.

7. Avoids cartilage break down and protects joint health

Yoga helps to avoid arthritis or any kind of bone related disability. Joint cartilage in a human body is like a sponge that absorbs nutrients. Certain areas of cartilage wear out and this is why it is crucial to protect its health and regeneration properties at the right time. Yoga helps to keep your cartilage health intact.

8. Blood Flow and Heart Rate

Yoga helps to maintain good blood flow and improves blood circulation as well. It enhances venous blood flow from internal organs to other areas in the body. Swelling in legs and other parts of the body is reduced when you practice even the simplest of yoga asanas. Blood clots can lead to blocking of arteries and heart attacks. Yoga is known to maintain your heart rate at a healthy speed. It oxygenates your blood, increases hemoglobin and red blood cells. This thins the blood and reduces blockage. It is also known to keep blood pressure under check.

9. Boosting your immunity

Yoga is known to give your body the holistic wellness it deserves. It drains the lymph which is a thick liquid in the immune cells. Further, it enhances the lymphatic system to fight back illness. Also, it eliminates the toxic waste produced by the cells and helps to boost your overall immunity.

10. Keeps your adrenal glands in check

Yoga helps to maintain your adrenal glands and lowers the production of cortisol. Cortisol is a hormone that is secreted by adrenal glands in response to an acute crisis or stress. Frequent crisis scenarios can lead to high cortisol levels at all times leading to stress, loss of memory and stress eating disorders. Yoga avoids all this and helps you to stay happy, relaxed and healthy.

Other Benefits of Yoga

Apart from the physical benefits, one of the best health benefits of Yoga is the way it helps you to manage stress. Stress can lead to back or neck pain, cause sleeping disorders, headaches and various other problems. Yoga helps to mitigate these mind related problems. It gives you a better perspective and helps you tackle challenges in life with a fresh mind. In today’s fast paced lives, mental or emotional health can never be taken for granted. Yoga lets you strike that perfect balance between your mental and physical health. Regular practice of yoga gives mental clarity and helps you to make better decisions. Self awareness and calmness that yoga asanas contribute to your lifestyle have an immense impact on your overall health.