Gym is not working

Here’s why Gym is not working for you.

If you are one of those unfortunate people who despite of working hard, Gym is not working, aren’t seeing the desired results, then you need some serious supervision.

Here are some of the many possible reasons as to why you might not be getting the desired results from your workout in the gym:

1. Because without any fluctuations, you’re using the same weights every day.

2. You don’t keep a note of how many reps you do under each exercise and that is why you end up doing same number of reps with exactly the same weight.

3. You live solely on protein shakes and underestimate the importance of having a proper diet which includes fruits, vegetables and other than meat products.

4. What you’re eating might not be good enough. Ask your dietitian or your gym trainer for a detailed diet plan.

5. You’re choosing the food that keeps you fat if you’re skinny or vice versa. Eat to gain strength, not to control the fat in your body.

6. You never change the order of your exercises.

7. You emphasize on your body recovery way too much. Don’t skip your schedule if some part of your body hurts a bit. Rather, you can go easy on that part. This way, you won’t miss out on muscle growth.

8. Muscle training takes time and demands you to go through all the stages of muscle development. Remember, it can’t be achieved overnight.

9. You’re either doing too much cardio or you’re giving your body a hard time by following an unrealistic weight loss diet.

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