Gurgaon: A New Sporting Hub

The plush city of Gurgaon, teeming with numerous corporate houses and heavy traffic, is now emerging as a new sporting hub. The financial, technological, entertainment, and startup hub has got another feather to add to its cap – sports. The city is realizing the importance of fitness and is hurtling toward indulging in sporting activities. What’s more exciting to note is that the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon has announced in 2019 to build its first international-level sports complex, replete with world-class facilities. The complex would be housing racing tracks, indoor swimming pool, and a multipurpose hall for activities such as basketball and tennis.

The city boasts of multiple stadiums such as Tau Devi Lal providing fantastic opportunities and facilities for sports enthusiasts. Gurgaon has plenty of gyms and private clubs to cater to the fitness needs of sports lovers.

Playing cricket in Gurgaon became easy when a bunch of landowners along the Golf Course Road and Gurgaon-Faridabad Road eyed the needs of a corporate clientele who wish to soak in the experience of playing a cricket match on the ground. Amidst the skyrocketing land prices, it is hard to find a ground in the city. Fitso Sports has come up with Dedicated Football and Cricket Grounds in Golf Course, Palam Vihar, and other locations and rent it to sports lovers at a relatively low cost of Rs.5000 for a game.

(Image: Multi-sport Complex with Cricket, Football, Tennis, Badminton & More near Golf Course Road)

If you are keen on smashing and serving like Saina, ample badminton courts are now available in the bustling city of Gurgaon. Over 15+ indoor badminton courts with top-notch facilities are provided by Fitso to help those who need badminton coaching.

Swimming is one activity that burns a hell lot of calories in an hour. It is a great sporting activity in terms of fitness as well as enjoyment. It tones your muscles and keeps you in enviable shape. Fitso provides around 7 swimming facilities in Gurgaon with temperature-controlled swimming pools with outstanding infrastructure, perfect cleanliness, and good quality of coaches to fulfill your need for the right swimming classes. The Fitso swimming academy is truly the best you can get in Gurgaon. You are bound to get the premium quality experience with the indoor/ outdoor heated swimming pools and structured swimming lessons. Moreover, Fitso ensures the whole affair is safe and secure for women and kids.

(Image: Indoor Swimming Pool maintained by Fitso at Sector 43, Gurgaon)

Along with these, there is no dearth of Table Tennis for kids in Gurgaon. You will find a really good number of table tennis clubs, one of the best ones provided by Fitso, with certified coaches to aid your training and make you cherish this game.

  (Image: 1- Indoor Table Tennis Arena at DLF Phase 5, Gurgaon

2 & 3- Fitness, Running & Athletic training at Tau Devilal Stadium by Fitso)

Not just these, there’s more to the eye! Tau Devi Lal stadium could prove to be a good pick to play basketball in Gurgaon. The fitness crazy Gurgaon sees a huge number of people every morning running in the parks. As much as people love to go ahead with the tech, they haven’t forgotten their health. There are certain fitness groups in and around Gurgaon that keep each other updated on their sporting activities.

To put in a nutshell, fitness conscious denizens of Gurgaon have managed to get their needs for sports fulfilled. Time would soon see Gurgaon standing as one of the best sports hubs in the country.

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Every FITSO facility is safe for kids and women, has internationally certified coaches and maintains impeccable hygiene standards. Kids Sports coaching and coaching for Adults for every sport is also available to help the users raise their game!

Content Credits: Khyati Gautam