Goa Triathlon 2016

Triathlon is an endurance sport involving three disciplines — swimming, cycling and running. It starts with a swim, followed by a bicycle ride and completed by a run, over stipulated distances. There may be triathlon with the disciplines completed in another order, but there cannot be a break between disciplines.

Goa Triathlon is a team and individual event that is going to be held at Bambolim Beach, close to the state capital Panaji. It has two categories:

1. Olympic Triathlon:

  • Swimming for 1.5 kms
  • Cycling for 40 kms
  • Running for 10 kms

2. Super Sprint Triathlon:

  • Swimming for 400mtrs
  • Cycling for 10 kms
  • Running for 2.5 kms
Credits: Enduro Sports Goa

 Modes of Participation: 

Team Participation: