garlic benefits

10 Amazing Benefits of Garlic

Greek Physician Hippocrates- The father of western medicine once said that he used to prescribe garlic to many of his patients to treat many of medical conditions.  It has been confirmed by recent studies that garlic has many health benefits. Irresistible aroma of Garlic has the power to liven any dish and can treat common ailments. Read more to know about garlic benefits.

Our ancestors use the best Garlic variants as bug-repellent, treatment against plague, cancer treatment and many forms. Here is the list of some garlic benefits.

garlic benefits

10 Surprising Garlic Benefits are:

  1. High nutritional value but low in calories:

Garlic is highly nutritious but it contains very few calories. It contains 23% of the RDA- Manganese, 15% of the RDA- Vitamin C, 17% of the RDA- Vitamin B6, 6% of the RDA- Selenium and 1 gram of fiber. Along with all these garlic also contains the decent amount of iron, calcium, potassium, vitamin B1, copper and phosphorous.

Usage: A garlic bulb contains 10-12 cloves in a single bulb. Keeping in mind all the garlic benefits eat 2-3 cloves chopped, chewed or crushed.

  1. Helps to lose the body weight:

If you want to shed some pounds and want to have a perfect body shape. The homemade remedy that will help you with this struggle is Garlic. Garlic helps to cleanse your system and flush all the excess toxins.

Usage: Viewing this Garlic Benefit, it is advised to consume 2 cloves of garlic early in the morning with juice of half lemon in a Luke warm glass of water.

  1. Blood purifier:

Root cause of acne is impure blood. There are many garlic benefits that help you to cover those zits. Garlic helps to purify the blood from inside and get the healthy skin from outside.

Usage: Eat two cloves of raw garlic chopped, crushed or as a whole with some warm water every day. Best results when consumed empty stomach in the morning and drink a lot of water every day.

  1. Remove splinter:

It is a natural remedy that was used since ages. This garlic benefit has gained popularity and all the current bloggers swear that it works very efficiently.

Usage: Place a slice of garlic over silver and cover it with duct tape or bandage. Walk over it and it has been a cure for years.

  1. Keeps away the mosquitoes:

This hasn’t proved yet but mosquitoes don’t like garlic. Reason isn’t sure whether it’s the odor or some other reason but mosquitoes do not come close to the place where garlic is there. This is the best garlic benefit that is studied in India that people who rubbed the garlic paste on their legs or arms weren’t bothered by pesky mosquitoes.

Usage: Make a garlic paste or make a garlic oil mix it with petroleum jelly and apply it on your arms, legs and other body parts.

  1. Combat Sickness:

Garlic is a pure supplement that helps to boost up the immunity. In a study, it has been found that consuming garlic daily reduced the number of colds by 65%. Another study showed that 2.5 gms per day garlic can reduce the number of days with cold and flu.

Usage: Consuming 2-3 cloves of cooked or raw garlic or sipping garlic tea with a touch of honey or ginger is highly beneficial. This garlic benefit will give a relief from stuffed nose build up the immunity and cure cough and flu.

  1. Works as a natural glue:

Might be you have noticed this earlier also while chopping garlic your fingers get how sticky. Garlic is a natural adhesive and hence used to fix hairline cracks in the glass.

Usage: To avail this garlic benefits crush some cloves of garlic and squeeze its juice. Now rub this juice on the broken part of the glass. It will quickly fix that hairline crack.

  1. Cancer prevention and other health benefits:

It has been proved by science that garlic has many medicinal treasures. It has been observed that consuming garlic daily in any form prevents stomach and colorectal cancers. It strengthens the immune system and hence prevents against cancer. Along with these garlic benefits, it helps to treat fungal, parasitic and bacterial infections. It also helps children to fight against tapeworm infections.

Usage: Consume 2-3 garlic cloves in any form either raw or cooked or as a whole.

  1. Prevents many heart diseases:

Consuming raw garlic in food on daily basis lowers the cholesterol levels due to its anti-oxidant properties of Allicin. This garlic benefit regulates the blood sugar level and blood pressure. Sulfur containing compound Allicin sometimes lose its medicinal values when garlic is cooked whole.

Usage: Consume garlic semi-cooked or raw to avail its benefits. You can include 2-3 cloves of garlic in your every meal.

  1. Protect plants with garlic:

This is another shocking garlic benefit; although this sounds crazy but yes this is true garden pests don’t like garlic. Garlic is another natural pesticide.

Usage: Make a garlic paste and mix it with mineral oil, liquid soap and water. Now pour this mixture into a spray bottle and mist over your plants. You can use it often but best to use it every week.

garlic benefits