la ultra the high Garhwal Runs

Garhwal Runs 2016

This year’s Garhwal Runs, like the previous edition, is the qualification run for the La Ultra-The High. It will be a 76 Km run with final cut-off of 12 hours. However, to qualify for La Ultra, the cut-off will be 10 hours.

The registrations were closed on January 20. Preference was given to those who are aiming to qualify for La Ultra – The High.

The Garhwal Runs will test the runner’s ascent throughout the distance. The race will begin at Raipur Circle, Dehradun and will end at Dhanaulti top. The route includes lush green forests and countryside of the Himalayan foothills, going through the villages of Kokriyal, Dubhra, Sakalana and Daulagiri. 

 Garhwal Runs

 Other details of the event: 




February 20, 2016

Start Point

Raipur Circle, Dehradun

Finish Point

Dhanolti Top, Uttarkhand




76 Kms (47.2 miles)

Start Time

6:00 AM

Finish Time

12 hour cut-off : 6:00 PM 10 hour cut-off : 4:00 PM (La Ultra qualifier)

Altitude Gain

7,300 feet

Race Fees

Rs. 5,000



  1. Runners are supposed to bring and run with hydration pack or water bottle / sipper with at-least 500 ml capacity.
  2. Runners are allowed to get a pacer / personal crew along with a vehicle if they plan to do so.
  3. Water and food stations will be present every 8-10 Kms.

The following items will be provided:

  • Mineral water
  • Energy Drink – Gatorade / Enerzal etc.
  • Chocolates
  • ORS
  • Bread & Nutella chocolate spread
  • Coke

The following Aids will be provided, included in the fee:

  • Support during the race through mobile AID stations.
  • Medical first AID
  • Drop back from the Dhanaulti top to Dehradun on same day. (You can also stay at Dhanaulti after finish of the race by making your own arrangements)
  • 2016 Race T-shirt

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