Wonder Woman Diet and Workout

Fitness Secrets of Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot

Woman Diet and Workout

Gal Gadot donned many avatars – from a real life beauty pageant contestant representing her home country of Israel to Gisele Yashar in the Fast and Furious movies series to her latest and perhaps the most striking role as Wonder Woman. For those who may find it hard to believe – she is 32 years old and a mother of two daughters. A true Wonder Woman isn’t she? So what is the secret of Gal Gadot Wonder Woman Diet and Workout? Read on.


The Gal Gadot Diet

For her iconic role, Gal Gadot had to build muscle, and not just a kilo or two of it but a whopping 30 kilos of muscle. A daunting task but she did it with a diet specially designed for her. Here is a glimpse of the Wonder Woman Diet and Workout that Gal Gadot swears by.

Wonder women - gal gadot fitness routine

A Balanced Plate

Gal Gadot goes with her trainers for a well balanced plate of food which consists of equal portions of lean meat and veggies.

Watered Down

Wonder women - gal gadot fitness routine

Gadot drinks plenty of water all through the day to keep herself amply hydrated. She avoids high sugary drinks and prefers fruit juices instead.

She likes it Fresh


Gadot goes for fresh vegetables and fruits such as celery, bell peppers, strawberries, apricots and avocados whenever she feels like a snack. No cookies or junk foods for her.

She eat protein too…

Wonder women - gal gadot fitness routine

Gal fills her plate with lean meats like fish and chicken. And just like the rest of us, she’s a big fan of choline-packed eggs for breakfast!

Moderation is her Game

She allows herself foods that she likes. While she may not go for the very big burgers, the usual cheeseburger is not a strict no-no for her. She loves food but never goes overboard with cravings.

The Gal Gadot Workout

Gal Gadot has always been a fit person and even served the Defense Forces for her home country of Israel. As a child she played all kinds of sports ranging from basketball, dodgeball, volleyball, tennis and loved to dance. As her fitness levels were good, she was handed down a higher level of training schedule to increase her stamina and endurance for her role as the Wonder Woman.

One of her workout regimen includes a 30 second push-ups followed by 30 second plank hold for toning and building muscles in the arms.

Wonder women - gal gadot workout

Gadot spends 3 days in the gym training hard and another two days doing workouts out of the gym.

Wonder women - gal gadot fitness routine

Gadot likes to go paddle boarding and rock climbing when she is not training in the gym.

Wonder women - gal gadot fitness routine

The Wonder Woman Diet and Workout routine go hand in hand to create a more charged up Gal Gadot who looks as convincing as her male superhero counterparts, if not more impressive, when on a mission to save the world.

Gal Gadot Diet and Workout