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Running With Dog – Fun With Your Best Friend

Dogs love to run. Throw them a stick and watch them go for it at full throttle. Inspiring isn’t it? So why not make your furry best friend your running partner? A great exercise for you, and super fun too for your little friend who seems always ready for a walk every time you turn the door knob. Here are some of the benefits of running with your dog.

A Furry Motivator

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Running alone can be boring and at one point of time, every runner has had the feeling of not wanting to go for a run. Your furry friend on the other hand is always ready and always happy to go out. Isn’t that a great for motivation?

Get More From Your Run

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Running is just not a physical exercise. It is supposed to work wonders for your senses just as much. Having your dog run with you helps you to remain alert as you watch for its safety as well as for other people or traffic. This makes you more aware of your surroundings thus helping your mind deal with the extra stimuli while running. This way you regular run gives you more out of your daily workout than ever before.

Change of Pace

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That piece of paper on the ground is of no interest to you. But your dog is far too curious to let it alone. One sniff is all it wants and yes, it stops or breaks its pace just to do that. And you have to stop too or slow down for your friend till it learns the story of that nondescript piece of paper. And how does that help you? This change of pace while running with your dog is as good as training for cardio in a controlled environment. What it might seem to be an irritation for you actually does you more good than you can imagine.

Healthier Run

If you ran alone, you probably wouldn’t bother where you run or for how long it takes. A few blocks down your home is good enough. Traffic? No problem for you. What you deprive yourself is good clean air that you do not get from running in the pavement around your area. But when running with your dog, you are more careful. No hot sun, no traffic, no pavements to avoid paw injuries – the best bet is probably the park or the lakeside. As you take care of your dog, you are actually doing yourself a favor by running in clean good air on a surface that is gentle for both you and your furry best friend.

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A Safer Run

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People usually prefer to run before the sun comes up or once it goes down. Preferred locations for a good run like parks or woods are sometimes not as crowded or even lighted as one would like. Mugging is one risk runners take, the other being that of being molested which holds true for women runners more. However, running with your dog, makes it safer for you in more ways than one.


A Happier Run

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For you, a day is a mundane affair. But for your friend, its a new day. And when its time for the run, your dog tells you in so many ways how your pet has been looking forward to the run and how much it appreciates you. There is no way you can stay unaffected by that much happiness.

That’s why a dog is your best friend and with a little training can become your best workout partner for your runs.