Immediately after a workout, exercise may suppress hunger. By the time you’ve finished showering, your hormone levels have returned to normal, and on top of that, your body is also dealing with a big calorie deficit due to running. Oftentimes people will reward themselves with larger portions affecting weight loss.

The dilemma becomes about how to get adequate fuel to keep strong through the workout without affecting weight loss. Here is what you should do:

Schedule runs before meals

This way, when you finish your workout, it’s time to eat your regular meal. Not only will you get an adequate post-run refuel, but also avoid unnecessary calories.

Always go for post-run snacks

After a long run, your appetite might initially be suppressed, but then also go for snacks. Otherwise, your hunger hormones will surge later in the day and increase your calorie consumption. Suggestions – Leafy greens, Fruit, Greek Yogurt, Chia seeds or nuts.

Stay Hydrated

Often thirst is mistaken for hunger, and if you aren’t staying hydrated you might consume more than required. After your run, immediately drink a big glass of water.