Lose 3 Kgs With Exclusive 4 Step Weight Loss Plan

Want to lose weight? Well then you might have come across thousands of weight loss plans online or elsewhere too, that boast about making you lose weight within lightening time. But no matter how many times they attract you with fancy diet plans, the truth is that weight loss is a gradual process and has to be followed systematically.

Just as putting on weight doesn’t happen overnight, same goes when you are trying to shed that extra weight. You have to be patient. However, if you are disciplined in your approach towards weight loss and have some scientific truth to the weight loss plan, your goal can be achieved in lesser time.

So what is this scientific weight loss plan about?

military diet working


  • To make you lose weight with a process that is scientific and hence much more reliable
  • To impove your overall health and prevent further weight gain
  • To boost your energy levels so that you don’t keep feeling tired all day
  • To promote a healthy lifestyle so that even after the plan completion you can adopt healthy habits and continue to enjoy good health

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This weight loss plan follows a 4 step process to give you your desired weight. Let’s have an insight on these four steps in brief:

natural detox weight loss

  1. Natural Detox

Timeline– 3 days

Importance: In a world that is filled with chemicals, detoxification becomes all the more important. This step is designed to cleanse the body of all the harmful substances in order to optimise healthy bodily functions and healing.

  • In this process, the goal is to flush out toxins from your system, improve digestion and boost energy levels.
  • We do not recommend starving your way to detox and cleanse, instead 3 days of eating clean, antioxidant rich food is a great way to get back on track with eating.
  • By removing artificial flavours and chemical substances from your diet, detoxification helps prepare your body to live a healthier and more natural lifestyle.
  • All the junk, processed foods, added sugars are completely discarded from the diet and replaced by organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Water and other detox drinks like healthy teas also play a major role in detoxification.

metabolism for weight loss

2. Boost Metabolism

Timeline– 7 days

Importance: A fast metabolism implies more calories burned and the more you burn calories, easier it is to drop the extra pounds.

  • Making some easy diet and lifestyle changes can help boost your metabolism, make your body do daily chores more efficiently and reach your fitness goals faster.
  • Eating enough protein daily, choosing whole grains, eating one serving of nuts daily etc. are some of the dietary habits that can be incorporated to boost metabolism
  • Other habits like standing more, drinking cold water, having a good night’s sleep also plays a role in boosting metabolism.

fat burning for weight loss

3. Fat Burning

Timeline- 20 days

Importance– We all know that the excess calories are stored as fat in the body. The amount of body fat you carry makes a difference to your body shape and health. Burning excess fat is, therefore, the main aspect of any weight loss plan.

  • Fat burning is the crux of the plan wherein a customised diet and workout plan shall be provided
  • The most readily variable method of burning calories is physical activity then comes diet changes
  • Exercise, especially resistance training increases the amount of muscle tissue in the body which is metabolically active
  • Out of all the foods you eat, the high protein ones are the most important ones for losing fat. These not only keep you full for longer but also boost your calorie burn throughout the day as it takes more energy to digest than carbs and fat.

regular life after weight loss

4. Back to Regular Life

Timeline: Variable

Now, after the plan completion, once you have reached your fitness goal, it’s important to maintain the weight. It’s obvious that a strict plan can’t be followed all the time. Hence, the transition to normal life has to be smooth through relaxation in plan and suggestion of some general lifestyle changes.

Reduction in sitting time, water intake tracking, following a light exercise regime etc. can be incorporated in your daily life so that you don’t end up gaining all the weight that you have lost!

So stop blaming your lazy lifestyle and lack of exercise and get going with this scientific weight loss plan that will help you lose weight steadily but effectively. However, if you have a medical condition it’s best to talk to your doctor before going ahead with any changes in your diet and fitness plan. Stay Happy, Stay Fitso!

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