food vs supplements

Food vs supplements

Food vs supplements

This article is on Food vs supplements, which is better and why. If you’d like to know the benefits and losses of Supplements, read along…
Taking supplements is not recommended for everyone, but I think one must take protein if he or she is working out daily – be it running, boxing or body-building. Everyone needs protein because the food we eat does not fulfil body requirements and thus protein intake fulfils that need.

Other than Protein supplements one must consume food items that are rich in Minerals, Iron. At the same time, try to avoid extra Carbohydrates and Starch.

But it is often seen that people who regularly attend gyms generally go one step too far by using those illegal stimulant amphetamine to boost their muscle growth. Rather than focusing on supplements, try focusing on your diet instead of supplements. You will not only be a lot healthier but you will have a lot more in your pocket as well to spend on other more valuable things, such as healthy food items, protein sources, vegetables and whatnot.

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