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Top 10 Food Bloggers in Delhi-NCR

There has been a tremendous transformation in food habits, and food choices in the last decade. The advantages of staying fit and the various methods that can help in losing weight are now easily available over the internet. Losing weight has two equally important pillars: working out and eating right, and sticking to both of these require a very high level of motivation and dedication. While there are many workout clubs, fitness instructors in a gym, yoga, Zumba and pilates studios out and around, Fitso wants to salute the flag-bearers of healthy food blogs, who have been inspiring people to eat right and diet well. Here is a shout-out for the top ten healthy food bloggers who we feel are doing a great job in transforming bodies and transforming lives.

Fit Foodies Mantra by Neha Makkar

Nutritionist Neha Makkar started this venture in the year 2014 after she realized the major concerns that people would come to her for consultation were mostly related to fitness. She collaborated with fitness experts and other nutritionists to form a dream team that gives you the best nutrition advice carefully curated for your medical and physical conditions, suited to your taste and keeping your lifestyle in mind in order to provide you with the best possible nutrition plan for you, that will make you fit without depriving you of taste or nutrition. The website shares generic diet plans, healthy food recipes, food to heal different problems etc, that are extremely helpful too.

TheSaladStory Delhi

TheSaladStory Delhi: food blogs in Delhi

The rebel in eating joints, The Salad Story is a small eating joint in Greater Kailash and Select Citywalk, New Delhi, who are firm non-believers that healthy food is boring. They want to motivate people to look towards healthy food with excitement and not feel that they will have to compromise on taste. Their page on Instagram “TheSaladStory_Delhi” is updated with posts of their gorgeous looking salads, and reposts of other healthy food images that inspire you to eat healthily and stay healthy. Visit to know more.


dietburrp: food blogs in Delhi

Started with a single and strong mantra “Say no to starving”, dietburrp by Payal Banka is a complete fitness encyclopedia. The website shares insights on so many diets region wise, medical condition wise, tips on beauty, busting beauty and fitness myths, dietburrp will help you learn something new almost every day. The website is loaded with food and fitness information and interesting blogs to help you stay fit and healthy, retaining their mantra to date of no starving for fitness.

Put That Cheese Burger Down

put that cheese burger down: food blogs in Delhi

A super motivator site right from the name itself to inspire you to eat healthily. That is the motto of Ms. Neha Ghosh a nutritionist and a diet therapist, a marathoner and a writer, who started this amazing blog. The blog aims at inspiring you to eat healthily, treat your body naturally through food, using the right food as therapy to improve your health and lifestyle. The blog also keeps you updated with new and interesting fitness workouts and also has special dedicated sections for mental and sexual health. Visit for an engaging and inspirational experience.

Health Beckon

Health Beckon: food blogs in Delhi

A super popular fitness blog that has been inspiring millions of people over years in the arena of diet, fitness, and health. The blog also provides natural and ayurvedic remedies to various health problems, along with super easy recipes of healthy food, diet plans, weight loss tips and everything else related to fitness. Visit and enjoy the benefits of free diet plans, health tips and fitness workouts with Health Beckon.

Indian Foodiye

Indian Foodiye: food blogs in Delhi

A popular Instagram page, posting mouthwatering images of gorgeous looking Indian food, inspiring people to eat local, and regional and to be proud of the fact that you are living in the heaven of taste and food. Visit for the best experience of Indian cuisine, first with your eyes.

The Grub Journal

The Grub Journal: food blogs in Delhi

Not exactly a fitness food blog, the Grub Journal is a popular food blogger and reviewer on all social media. You can find authentic and reliable reviews on various food items in various restaurants all over Delhi NCR. Created by an extreme food lover, who understands taste like no other, is a must visit before you plan to explore a new restaurant in the town.

Veggie Paaji

Veggie Paaji: food blogs in Delhi

Inspiring people to eat vegetarian food and spare the animals, knows how to generate interest in almost any food. Vegetarian food never looked as desirable as our veggiepaaji makes it look and feel. Team Fitso salutes veggiepaaji for this noble thought and this wonderful page.

Wanderers of Delhi

wanderers of Delhi: food blogs in Delhi

Sharing their love for trying out new cuisines, new recipes sometimes healthy and sometimes not so healthy, Aastha and Rishabh, two super cool food freaks who wander around Delhi sharing some of the best food experiences they have had for all their followers to try. Visit for an insight into the amazing food combinations, and delectable street foods of India.

Foodies Delhite

Foodies Delhite: food blogs in Delhi

Yet another, but not just another food blog, is like feeding through your eyes. The supremely appetizing food pictures, which will make you wonder how could a person wait to take a picture to eat that gorgeous looking food. The best things about this blog are the absolute normalcy of the food, the food we see and eat on a pretty regular basis, seems so glorious that it inspires you to stick to normal.

If you are feeling hungry after reading about food and seeing the pictures, it is perfectly normal, just stay inspired to eat fresh and eat healthily.