#FitWomanFitFamily- Initiative by Fitso

It has been rightly said by many social leaders, that when you educate a woman you educate the entire family and the generations to come. The same is applicable in terms of fitness and no one gets that better than Fitso! After launching our second indoor swimming pool last week with temperature controlling and heating facilities, we haven’t stopped and are thriving to give you better. As they say the best is yet to come, keeping this in mind we are now unleashing our new initiative that revolves around the strongest beings on this earth- “Women”.  Fitso is launching a new social initiative #FitWomanFitFamily which is women centric for all the women in Delhi NCR.  Read on further to understand this initiative in a more better and elaborate manner.

What is the purpose of this initiative?

In today’s modern age, women walk shoulder to shoulder with men and are shattering the so-called “glass ceilings”.With fit women comes fit family. Fitso not only appreciates and salutes the sheer strength, grit and will power of women but also aims to help women of Delhi NCR to become fit and achieve holistic health, body mind and soul. With this initiative, women can learn more about nutrition and share it with their loved ones in the family, neighborhood and at work so that they can enable themselves and their near dear ones to stay fit as well. We wish to launch this campaign under the banner “#FitWomanFitFamily” and are looking forward to a overwhelming participation from women from all strata whether a homemaker or a working woman.

How Fitso #FitWomanFitFamily 

By partaking in this initiative by Fitso, you could achieve your fitness goals. Our nutrition + swimming packages usually costs Rs 41000 on an annual basis. However, this cost is slashed down to the bare minimum for women under this initiative by Fitso. Enrolling in the #FitWomanFitFamily initiative enables you to avail a special offer that will be available exclusively for women in Delhi NCR only at Rs 15000 yearly.

Terms and Conditions: 

This offer can be availed at https://www.getfitso.com/purchase/payment/1517211953 by entering the coupon code WOMENSEALS. A total of 100 coupons are available and the offer is valid only till 31st Jan 2018.

Here’s the entire package you will get:

1 Year Swimming with Fitso SEALS

  • All days pool access
  • Access to Fitso Coaching
  • Underwater Video Analysis

1 Year Nutrition Plan with Fitso

  • Access to personal Nutritionist
  • Personalized diet plan
  • Weekly on-call consultation
  • Access to unlimited chat

A fit and healthy body opens the gate to a fulfilling life. It elevates your energy levels, optimises your performance and helps you do your best in all walks of life. For every woman who strives hard to strike a  balance between health and responsibilities, #FitWomanFitFamily is a perfect and limited period opportunity by Fitso. Enroll soon without any further ado as the seats are fast filling!

Contact us at- 8800726699 or for queries https://goo.gl/forms/LkJRm04SeYhBXwPA3