Fitso’s Path to Glory

Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida organized the ‘Clash of Corporates’, a mega sports event, to take the meetings from boardrooms to the field. This 2-day event witnessed spectacular performances in Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball, Volleyball, Gully Cricket, Carrom, Chess, and Pool. The exuberance of the participants reflected in their games and the event concluded with happiness, healthy competition and prizes.

With 20 companies participating in the corporate tournament, Fitso proved its mettle in Cricket, Badminton (Singles & Doubles), TT (Singles and Doubles), Pool and Volleyball. Amongst the likes of corporate giants such as HCL, Barclays, IBM and other emerging ones such as Arimojo and A&E Systems, Fitso nailed the event and emerged victorious in Volleyball, Badminton (Singles & Doubles) & TT (Singles and Doubles), showcasing the true avatar of a sports brand.

Here’s a glimpse of top Fitso moments from the tournament:

Fitso’s Formula to Success in Sports:

With a mission to imbibe sports and fitness into daily work culture and a belief to build a community that takes every opportunity to let people bond over sports, Fitso provides exemplary full-stack sports facilities in Swimming, Badminton, Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Football, Basketball, and Running. Right from indoor swimming pools in 5 cities to outstanding deliverables in training young and adults alike, Fitso leaves no stone unturned in giving the best value. What makes Fitso stand apart is the extremely hygienic and safe premises drawing participation from all spheres of life.

You want an indoor badminton court or a ground to play cricket in Gurgaon, Fitso has it covered. Not just these, there are facilities to play table tennis for kids in Gurgaon which allows the young talent hone their skills. And when it comes to swimming, Fitso is undoubtedly one of the best options available for swim coaching. Certified coaches and state-of-the-art sports infrastructure at Fitso is worth every penny spent on it.

So, the next time you’re looking for badminton, swimming or athletics training, you know where to head over. Fitso rules it like a King.


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Content Credits: Khyati Gautam