Nilesh Patil Transformation Journey with Fitso

Nilesh Patil was a lean guy during his bachelor degree years weighing in around at 60 kg. He aimed to gain a bit of weight and muscle and did so too. He worked out for 3 years between ’04 and ’07 to reach 72kg.

Everything seemed to be going great. He moved to Singapore to do his MBA. He went up to 84kg during his 9 year stay over there. He adapted a bachelor life causing the weight gain. This was predominantly due to eating outside and the many bachelor parties.

He joined the gym, but couldn’t continue as it was too far away from his office and home.

What motivated you to lose weight?

“I always wanted to lose weight and get in good shape. But I couldn’t and the parties added to it.

“I saw the wedding pictures and I looked disastrous!”

His transformation started with a bet with his brother-in-law. They bet that the one who’d lose 10 kg first would be the winner and sponsor others to a trip to Bali. To their surprise, they both were successful.

Nilesh and Fitso

“I followed Yashish Dahiya (CEO of Policy Bazaar and member on board of Fitso) and that’s how I got to know about Fitso.”

Upon asking what he liked about Fitso, his answer was simple, “Personal touch is what keeps me hooked. The trainers, Tariq, Moumita and Ankita are very helpful. They customised everything according to my requirements and capacity.”

The Trainers (at Fitso)

Tariq (Fitness Coach) gave Nilesh personalised offline workout after the basic bodyweight workouts which were completely customised to Nilesh.

“Nilesh seemed to be getting into shape before he joined Fitso cycling, running and doing some bodyweight workouts but he was following the same routine for a long time which is had to be changed.” says Tariq.

“I noticed after talking to Neil that he was using legs muscles on every day, doing the same type of freestyle workouts and cardiovascular exercise. I changed his training pattern and made a different workout schedule. I added some weight training exercises which increased his metabolism and introduced variation too.

Neil takes his workout very seriously and follows it with full dedication. Now he is training to gain some muscles.” He added

Moumita and Ankita (Diet Coach) helped Niel with a Keto diet and all his dietary requirements. He was around 76kg. The diet was customised for India and specifically to what Niel could avail easily.

Diets don’t necessarily mean being absolutely strict about your foods. A cheat day once a while is good for the morale. Niel expresses his happiness mentioning he could ask for tips and snack recommendations anytime.

Course Corrections and Plan Alterations

After a certain point with input from Tariq and Moumita with the body weight exercises, Niel’s body had plateaued. Body plateau is a term referred to a state where one’s body stops responding to the existing diet and fitness routine and requires change. After body weight training, Niel started strength training based on dumbells and barbell. Changes in patterns of workout and diet plans were made as per the changes in the body and its varying needs over time.

What’s the best part about Fitso?

“The connectivity, persistence and support of the trainers is amazing. Tariq, Moumita and Ankita kept me hooked to my plan and diet. They don’t waste time talking non-sense. They speak to the point which is necessary.”

How has being fit changed you?

“It has definitely made me more confident about my body and myself in general. I feel more energetic and active.”

Speaking of future plans, Niel mentions that he wishes to achieve 10% body fat, bulk up a little to get that much aspired beach body.