Fitso Super 30 Losers Challenge – Lose 25 Kg in 6 Months

Struggling to lose weight? Suffer no more, we have come up with a scientifically designed plan for 25 kg weight loss in 6 months.

And yes, we will not charge.

Objective of the program

  • To make you lose 25 kg in 6 months with a process that is scientific
  • To improve your overall health and prevent further weight gain
  • To boost your energy levels so that you don’t keep feeling tired

Who can participate?

Female in Delhi-NCR region who weigh more than 80 kg are eligible to participate.

We will select 30 people after interview round at our office. To participate just fill this form:

What we need from you?

Most people tend to start their weight loss regime on a high note, but very soon they start preparing excuses to avoid working any longer on their goals. Most of the time, the culprit is same – lack of motivation and commitment.

We are here to motivate you but,  but you know who your real motivator has to be? It’s you. We need you to be motivated. We need you to stay committed without any excuse.

How will you lose 25 kg in 6 months?

Fitso Super 30 Losers

These are 5 key factors that affect weights loss. Our focus will be to use 3 factor – diet, exercise and water intake – to our advantage. We will suggest you strategies for improving sleep quality and decreasing stress.

You will be provided with a personal fitness coach and a personal dietitian. They will chart your plan and interact with you on daily basis. We have detailed below broad strategies that coaches will follow for these 6 months. We will conduct bimonthly personal counselling and performance tracking session to access the progress and make a course correction if required.


Like every successful program, our program will take you out of your comfort zone. The goal to perform physically exercise that deplete energy to create calories deficit.

Exercises will be varied to mitigate the chances of weight loss plateau.

For first 15 days, you will be given a standard workout to test how your body reacts to exercise. This will help your body to adapt, and help us plan your fitness plan.

The focus of exercises will be primarily on High Interval Internal Training and Cardio Interval Training workout.


We will start with balanced diet, customised according to diet requirement to improve metabolism. A fast metabolism implies more calories burned and the more you burn calories, easier it is to drop the extra pounds. Making some easy diet and lifestyle changes can help boost your metabolism, make your body do daily chores more efficiently and reach your fitness goals faster.

The balanced diet will be continued with intermittent periods of Detox Diet and Cleansing Diet.

The Detox Diet will be generally 1-day detox or 1/2 day detox so that your energy level is not negatively affected.

The Cleansing Diet is a fat burner and increases your energy level. This step is designed to cleanse the body of all the harmful substances in order to optimise healthy bodily functions and healing.

Once you reach the desired weight loss goal, you will be shifted to Weight Maintenance Diet. After the plan completion, it’s important to maintain the weight. It’s obvious that a strict plan can’t be followed all the time. Hence, the transition to normal life has to be smooth through relaxation in plan and suggestion of some general lifestyle changes.

Let’s get started.